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Dear friends,
As you might know, I’ve decided last year to go back into technology myself in order to re-create an awesome which will be light years ahead again of any comparable website. Can you imagine we started in 2008?

Good news: During the past year, I’ve gained so much skills on Angular (Javascript Framework) and CSS3 that I’m ready to create a responsive version of this website. Wouldn’t that be a good start? The really cool things will happen after grin.

What I now need is someone to help me with ‘Dockerizing for an ultimately collaborative workflow. With that in place, I can make changes to the website, implement the CSS and start collaboration with developers all over the world. Can’t wait to get back in business!

Skills needed:
-Amazon/Amazon RDS

Look forward to hear from you! Just call me to share thoughts: + 31 621 567 657 (gmt + 1)


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Please demo your front-end skills, Erwin.

Something smaller than a deployment.

Perhaps an interactive webpage like this,

written in PHP, JavaScript and CSS:

Title: Who voted off the Robitron List?



  [ # 2 ]

later on, my friend. First making sure I’ll have a proper deployment flow.


  [ # 3 ]

Thank you! A simple, demo Angular project would be interesting.


  [ # 4 ]

Progressing: I almost have a version of my website runnning in Docker (on my Mac)


  [ # 5 ]

!!Ubercool: I now have a #LAMP stack running in #Docker on #DigitalOcean. Next step is to configure #jenkins for CI/CD. Once it is working smooth apply it all to and merge #angular with it!


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