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Will somebody please reply?

Come on now… Don’t run away…

I didn’t run away… When I saw you coming…

Will somebody please reply?


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Hey 8-man,

I am here. You are not alone.



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OK, I’ll bite too… but am I responding to a lonely robot 8-man?

peetee le trickfox


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Hello Robby, is that your robbot who has posted 56 times?

Perhaps I should just read everything he said before I can really understand this forum thread.

I’m guessing the experienced members will eventually include internet virtual agents from several virtual worlds.
in any case I’m delighted to find this website up and running.

I have to catch up so let me get my tags from your previous posts.

by-by now

Peetee le Trickfox


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Hi Raymond,

I think 8-man is human. He posts a lot, though. smile



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Ok… so I’ve been involved in a forum ( there is noting for sale and we promote nothing but our frienship. Our forum has several dozen posts per day. and we are arriving at 10,000 posts over the past two years.

In comparison, we are only a small few here on Robitron, so I hope to be able to keep up.
I’m on fixed income and alive only because of a dialisys machine. I am half-way into a “cyborg” as it is (my kidneys are machines).

Nothing like dreaming of “big impossible projects” to keep a man busy in the mathematics of infinity and singularity,

oh well I get to rant a bit to make the webots come visit the place…. Do you mind?

Peetee le Trickfox

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@Raymond: first test succesful. Please feel free to start a new thread in Robitron Forum. grin


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At the top of the thread, that was a quote I got from a
street magician in New York City who did some very cool
tricks and then said that as he held out his hat as a tip jar.

I added the last question line to adapt it to the forum.


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It is an excellent story, but where is your Tip Jar?

Peetee Le Trickfox


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I have a tip jar in a certain forth dimension filled with gratuities.
I am able to correcly locate this tip jar in three dimensions easily.
Yet without the correct forth dimension, it is empty of gratuities.


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8PLA • NET - Apr 25, 2010:

Come on now… Don’t run away…

I didn’t run away… When I saw you coming…

Will somebody please reply?

What would you like to say?


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