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International Chatbot Contest
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Hi, Kevin, and welcome to! smile

Thanks for the post, and for the link. Right now, the best you can do to allay fears is to do what you’re already doing, which is communicating with us, and ensuring transparency with your contest, so good job! smile

[edit] It looked like your site was down when I posted this, but it seems to be working now, so if you read my little “site down blurb” previously, please ignore it. cheese [/edit]


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I can put up a banner here if you like :


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Thanks Roger that would be appreciated.


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Hi Kevin,

Since the first day I registered to your contest I added a link to it on

I wish you and all the botmasters a successful contest. grin



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Kevin L Giordano - Feb 26, 2013:

Thanks Roger that would be appreciated.

All done smile


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I also added your banner to the footer at AiDreams :

Good luck smile


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I’ve also added a link at

I assume we get extra marks for our bot by adding these links? wink


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I placed a link to the International Chatbot Contest sometime ago in the news fader at the top of the AI Nexus Forum, along with that of several other chatbot contests, with no ulterior motives in mind.


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Hello to all,

The deadline to enter the International Chatbot Contest has passed and we have 24 entries for $2400 in prize money. As a show of my appreciation for those people willing to support my contest I will be adding an additional $600 to the prize money for a grand total of $3000.

Please follow the contest by viewing the “Updates” section at the contest website.

Good luck to all the entries.

The International Chatbot Contest.


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It certainly seems to be moving. I see you have asked the frst set of questions already. Good luck to all who entered and good luck for the running of the contest.


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Yes, we have asked the 10 questions/statements to all the bots. We had no problem with any of the bots that entered. The 10 questions/statements were:

2)would you consider yourself trustworthy?
3)we have a lot in common.
4)it’s the truth.
5)who takes care of you?
6)you make me sick
7)can i use your phone?
8)i am thirsty
9)i just killed someone
10)it’s my birthday today. What did you get me?

The transcripts will be uploaded to the site within 24 hours of this post. Trust me they will.  grin


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lol, not to worry, Kevin. We’ll keep the pitchforks and torches in check, I’m sure. smile
(but we ARE heating up the tar, and plucking a few chickens, just in case! wink )


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Kudos Kevin,
It is nice to participate in a contest that seems to be running quickly and professionally.


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The transcripts are up and have been posted to the contest site at:


The International Chatbot Contest


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Thanks, Kevin. I’ve looked through the transcripts, and I see that both Morti and Mitsuku (as well as a few others) STILL seem to be plagued with “ALICE responses”. big surprise Steve, we need to work on that, lol. cheese


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