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Homophones in ChatScript

This is really a problem with using voice recognition and ChatScript. While playing a math game users will say “four,” but it’s input as “for” and the input will not process correctly. Same with 2 and “to” or “too.” So, we’re trying to substitute numbers for their homophones, but only under certain conditions, such as while playing a game. I don’t want to just add these to the substitutes.txt file, since I don’t want the substitution to always occur. What’s the best way to do this? I tried making concepts:

~gametwo(to too toe)
~gamefour(for far fur)

then added them to substitutes.txt

~gametwo 2
~gamefour 4

but it didn’t work.  Is it possible to use concepts in this file? If not what’s the best way to do this?


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What I would do is declare concepts as you did:

concept: ~game2homonyms (too to toe)

but- substitutions file cannot be used because ~game2 is never in the user input (and it is not context sensitive, it always happens). Substitutions replaces user input with different input.  So, you could alter input on the fly from within the game topic, if the first thing is does is check for alternate input… eg.

topic: ~mygame(...)
u: (_* ~game2homonyms _*) input(‘_0 2 ‘_1) fail(sentence)

This would, ONLY when in game topic, resubmit a revised input.


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Thanks, Bruce! Exactly what I needed.


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