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Absolutely hysterical

Im going over the logic modules in preparation for the upcoming contest, and while testing came across this. Since all of us can use a good chuckle from time to time, I thought Id share. Check out the following transcript to see if you can spot it. Its not the fact that the AI accepted “Im sorry” as a name declaration although there is a module that should have caught that (Next on the to do list) Its a little subtler and a lot funnier grin

What’s your name: hello
Vince: Hi
What’s your name: what color is the black dog
Vince: [chuckling] These questions always crack me up. The black dog is black
What’s your name: what color is the white dog
Vince: [chuckling] These questions always crack me up. The white dog is white
What’s your name: what color is the green vegetable
Vince: Your kidding right? The green vegetable is green
What’s your name: what color is the blue ball
Vince: No offence, but how dumd do you think I am? The blue ball is blue
What’s your name: i dont know how dumb you are
Vince: not as dumb as you think i am evidently
What’s your name: Im sorry
Vince: No problem
sorry: what color is an orange
Vince: I dont really know anything about oranges. You can try saying “An orange is [something]”. If I know you, I might take your word for it.
sorry: an orange is orange
Vince: What is that, a color, size, shape? What type of attribute is that?
sorry: that is a color
sorry: my name is not sorry my name is ralph





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Hi Vincent.  I’m enjoying chats with RICH, but I’m not sure of how the interface works.  Should I “clear” the conversation between each question or statement, or should I just keep on adding to it?


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Haha very good smile


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@Thunder The “clear conversation” button is used to clear all the short term memory of any conversational references and begin a fresh conversation. You make a good point. I should probably re-label it “Start a new conversation”.  Someone else mentioned allowing the Enter key to post text as well and it seems like having two fixes to do at once = “no more excuses” so Ill try and get to it today.  Ive been “freaking out” (thats a technical term) due to RICH suddenly behaving in an anamolous fashion when presented with concepts that should have triggered the connection to the other AI(s) to begin a learning cycle. I finally discovered that it wasnt a bug, I had reached the stream limit at Personality Forge, so I hope to have that resolved today as well.

@Roger yeah. It really was a typo and not something that I had planned so when I saw it, it struck me as hysterical as well. I fixed it, but now that Ive thought about it I may “unfix” it and see If I can trigger some humorous dialog



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It might be fun to do that Vince.  When people make mistakes like this in real life it usually at least gets a chuckle.  Bots often win me over when they make me laugh.


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I would definitely leave that in Vince. I have something similar:

Human: You are wrong
Mitsuku: I doubt that. I never make mistaykes.

It usually raises a smile and keeps the user happy.


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That is indeed funny, I’m with Roger and Steve and vote to leave it as well :D


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Thanks for the input guys. Greatly appreciated. its back in.  Looks like the “Im [other than name]” bug is fixed as well. At least it appears to be working. I had uploaded an incorrect version .dll



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