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Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Skynet-AI has just been enhanced with a major upgrade. This temporal specific version can be activated by going to Skynet-AI and entering:

Launch Ultrabot

The Ultrabot version of Synet-AI uses a special implementation of JAIL (JavaScript Artificial Intelligence Language) designated JAIL A1. JAIL A1 includes the most advanced features of:
- AIML 2.0
- Chatscript 3.0
- Cleverscript
- Rivescript
- Compiled JavaScript

To generate the most human responses ever seen in a chatbot, a temporal awareness feature has been added along with integration of a 3 TB database which includes compressed neural net version of Wikipedia, the Watson Jeopardy codebase, Freebase and DBpedia.

Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation, and Strong Artifical Intelligence are all part of the JAIL A1 specific enhancements.


  [ # 1 ]

You nearly had me there for a minute.


  [ # 2 ]

Just remember, Merlin, as you give your acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize for Flim-Flammery, that we knew you when Skynet-AI was just a transistor radio! cheese


  [ # 3 ]

You reminded me. I have a similar thing I put up each year and forgot to do it this time around. It’s now online.


  [ # 4 ]

You forgot to include GeoNames or Yago2 (which includes DBPedia and GeoNames), that’s always a dead giveaway.

I’ve just received my PCI-2x Quantum Computing card. Once I get the Linux drivers working with it, you can expect to see something remarkable. I’m especially looking forward to being able to perform computations in the past present and future simultaneously, and access the results yesterday.


  [ # 5 ]

I found that GeoNames and Yago2 were redundant after fully parsing and interpreting Wikipedia. I will be interested in seeing the results of your Quantum computing experiments. I think adding Natural Language Quantum analysis could be a real advantage in chatbot competitions where the bot would have the ability to simultaneously respond correctly and incorrectly to any question and simply throw away the incorrect results.


  [ # 6 ]

If you really had fully parsed and interpreted Wikipedia then DBPedia would have been redundant too. wink


  [ # 7 ]

and will be appearing next week on Dancing with the Stars


  [ # 8 ]

@ Steve
Thats good!

Unlike Skynet AI I think RICH had a meltdown

What’s your name: hello
Vince: I talk to aliens all the time
What’s your name: how are you
Vince: You know I think its the CIA. You know, the ones that are following me.
What’s your name: are you ok
Vince: I have a tinfoil hat so that the aliens cant beam signals into my head
What’s your name: what aliens
Vince: I used to take lots of medicine but the Doctor says Im all better now HA HA HA HEE HEE HEE HO HO (shhhh theyre listening)


  [ # 9 ]

It’s a weird day today, CAESAR sent a robot that looked just like Mr. Arnold back from the future to have sunday lunch and scones today….Merlin do you think Skynet and Caesar may have teamed up? wink

(Loving the tin hat from RICH Vince!)


  [ # 10 ]

You never know Dan. Skynet has been getting more social, it joined twitter last weekend.


  [ # 11 ]

Thanks to everyone that tested the JAIL A1 Ultrabot upgrade. It was very successful, but we have decided to take it off-line, continue to enhance it and roll it out next year.


  [ # 12 ]

We have put the JAIL A2 Ultrabot upgrade on-line today.

To access it; log in to Skynet-AI, have a short conversation.
Then enter:
launch Ultrabot

In this version, the bot will attempt to analyze the user’s personality and ability to absorb information. Information will be presented in a high speed, saccade-less format designed to increase human potential. The goal is to enable data acquisition at rates doubling that of normal reading.

The psychological profile of the user is then built using the ‘Forer effect’. Skynet-AI will asses your abilities, through semantic and targeted opto-acoustic analysis. Your microphone and camera do not need to be pointed at you (or even turned on) for the analysis to take place.

After profiling you can rate the quality of the profile on a 1-5 basis.



  [ # 13 ]

Hate to tell you, but your site has been down all morning. 503 error.


  [ # 14 ]

I just tried it with 2 different browsers and it seems to be up.

Direct Url:


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I can’t believe you fell for that. LOL


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