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Hi AI experts and fellow bot enthusiasts! Introducing my bot Yoko
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Hi Elizabot,

That’s a wonderful comment of yours, thanks a lot, it’s really appreciated!

To totally see the current messy state of Yoko’s knowledge, try entering in that ‘what do you know about’ box ‘things’ -> the mother class of all classes smile Prefer for org chart overdose!

Since I don’t ‘guard’ her knowledge yet in any way, you can tell Yoko a new fact yourself like ‘blerbs are blorbs’ and ‘blorbs have color green’ and it should also be immediately visualizable on the about->data section when you enter ‘blerbs’ for example)

(and in the future it should get even more overwhelming, because there’s more to knowledge than Classes and Instances of them - there is also actions, events, properties and their values - I have to think trough exactly how, but it would be great to add that also on the items in that chart somehow)


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How much time do you spend on your bot?


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Hard to say, I just fit it in here and there… I just had a pretty extreme month where I coded, wrote or thought about it at least a couple of hours daily, but I only started working on it again 2 months ago, after a hiatus of 4 years. All in all, I’d say so far, maybe… one full-time month of work? (of which perhaps only half would be coding, and the other half thinking about things and writing conclusions in her ‘about’ page, writing input sentences…)

I am currently spending the summer abroad, so there’s lots of little travels, friends visiting me, learning on the new job… going on too.

Interesting thing though: because I am being immersed here in a totally new language (Italian if you’re curious), learning the intricacies of that one puts my mind in a position where reasoning on how language ‘works’ quite well. It’s fascinating and definitely also helps for Yoko!

(and let’s just say: thank god English and not Italian is the typical language for chatbots, soooo much easier to write a simple parser for smile)


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Elizabot - Aug 6, 2013:

I think your Yoko project is great!  In other words, I can not say I agree with criticisms on this thread.  But I am not putting anyone down. This is an advanced chatbot design.  (Instead of “wine”, try “drinks” below.)


Yoko, what do you know about wine?

Response:  (NOTE: flowchart graph converted to plain text for discussion purposes.)

Info about: wine Bordeaux red Brunello Chardonnay Chianti Merlot Pinot Blanc Rysling champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Veuve Clicquot.

Very cool domain name too!


Lest we forget, Elizabot = Formerly 8PLA • NET


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Now that you have a little virtual environment and you wish to link it to Yoko’s knowledge base, I was thinking: Perhaps you could send simple text messages to Yoko like “Yoko is at her television.” and “Yoko turned the lights on.” whenever she touches something, then process that text in the same way as you would a user’s input. Might get you quick results without getting too distracted from your original goal.

But if you do want to get really distracted, make the light switch and everything user-clickable tongue rolleye.

Just a hint wink Good luck!


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Ok, that makes sense - thanks for the input. Starting with the little ‘events’ happening when you wakl yoko around and send those to the server seem indeed the way to go. Next to / after the ability to question yoko on how the room looks to her, or what she sees… Those 2 components will be most straightforward I think.

BTW: the light switch and everything aren’t user clickable, but you can trigger them by walking up to them with Yoko! I get your point though, should be fun to allow the user to be ‘god’ in yoko’s world, and program her reactions to those interferences. (time to add some swear words to her vocabulary haha)


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