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Job board

There are lots of forums with job boards, so how about new forum section “Job board” within this community with subsections “Offers” and “Seekers”?


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Mainly, I don’t think that the community is large enough at this point to warrant such a thing, nor is there enough diversity of membership at the moment. In order for such a forum section to be viable, there needs to be a much broader base of active members, both as individuals, and as businesses (corporations, firms, etc.), each of which needing the services such a forum section could provide. Now granted, the membership here at numbers in the tens of thousands (over 54,000 when last I looked), but the number of “active” members (those who post at least once per month or more) is in the range of a few dozen or so (certainly less than 100).

Now please bear in mind that this is just my opinion, and doesn’t necessarily reflect those of anyone/anything else beyond that, and I willingly admit that I could be wrong, so take my words with a grain of salt. smile


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I’ve seen communities with thread views (job board) around 300. :
As you see each month there are couple of job opportunites available each month on this community above.
Similar amount (or more) of thread views one can get in our community.

The new job board may bring more active users to the community (business and individuals).
Because of the lack of the job board maybe currently some people don’t see in our community what they are really looking for and they stay inactive or they are leaving quickly.


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I agree with Dave - this community is waaay too small - and geographically spread out - in terms of active members for a job board to have any real added value I think.

(one REASON this community is small is IMHO that the whole ‘forum’ UI format is a bit outdated and has many limitations when it comes to sustaining a community by itself. To name just one limitation, it is not obvious to start a discussion on something appearing anywhere ELSE on this site that ties in with the community on this forum. This is also why for instance, for pretty much every interest out there, there is now a reddit available that kicks any other online discussion board’s butt - well except for chatbots that is smile)


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I also agree that this community is very small, but I hope that new board will bring more users.
I think that geographical diversity is not a problem, because bots (and programming) are Internet features - available everywhere remotely.


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