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Any help on how to get Kari (KariGirl) to have a good conversation?


I have not checked in for over a year and am interested in learning how to talk with a chatbot like Kari, instead of making my own.
Kari does not follow any line of coversation, are there ways to enter questions or informatiion that will keep such a chatbot on topic?
Are there any Kari forums left, the old one is gone.



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The last I knew the Virtual Humans Forum was a viable place to discuss Kari and support issues for “her”, but I haven’t visited the place in quite some time. Still, you might give it a shot. smile


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Many changes have taken place with Kari especially the recent versions and updates. Support for Kari is always easy to obtain if the user takes the time to contact the developer and explain the issues. I use the newest version of Kari and found her to be very easy to use. The use can modify Kari to answer questions. Just follow the simple help section in the main menu.


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