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Second Ego: new chatbot platform

hi guys,

just stumbled upon this one:

what do you think?

I’ve listed it on the home page as well (in the ‘Build you Own’ section)



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Hello everybody. This is my first post here. I’m representing our virtual agent platform SecondEGO.

SecondEGO is a technology advanced self-service platform for creating and managing your own virtual agents. It offers a lot of options for home users, bloggers, small offices and corporate business.

Some features (depends on package):
- Modules with predefined replies
- Templates with predefined questions
- A dashboard for easy customization
- A knowledge editor for updating and adding replies
- Analytic tools for improving your Virtual Agent and your website
- Triggers for automated proactive conversation invitations
- Intelligent website text search for better search results
- Guided conversational assistance for two-way dialogue
- Branding, special modules, connections with databases, CRM and helpdesk software…

Should you need further information, don’t hesitate to ask.


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It sounds like a useful and clean platform for customer support, with a high degree of editing.
I asked the chatbot on the website about some features but it appears to be void of knowledge. Surely if you wish to demonstrate the system’s capabilities it should respond to keywords about the features. Instead the descriptions on the “pricing” page were more useful. I would not have thought to look there were it not the only other menu option.

I am curious about the “Triggers for automated proactive conversation invitations”, which is quite a term, but from the on-site description it sounds like it means asking “Would you like to talk about this?” upon typing certain questions or visiting certain websites. Can you give an example?
The other thing that I can’t make out is what “Guided conversational assistance for two-way dialogue” means?


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Thank you for reply.

You have right. Our chatbot didn’t know the answer for “features”. Now, I correct it, so I hope it will answer it.
Otherwise, I will ask out developer team to check if something is wrong.
Webpage had many changes in last month. This is the main reason why chatbot didn’t follow all of the changes grin
I personally like your idea for separated menu for Features (now the feature table is under Pricing).

“Triggers for automated proactive conversation invitations” - maybe a strange phrase, but in area of virtual agents (chatbots) some phrases aren’t fixed enough. In our case it means, that virtual agent (chatbot) can open dialog on a webpage after specific conditions are meet. For example: when user is xx seconds on your site, when user visits xx page on your site, when user comes on specific page ... and combine that with pattern chatbot should show.

“Guided conversational assistance for two-way dialogue” means that you can create a dialog with user on you site. You can prepare a question and possible answers (available with click or typing) to user. Then you can response just to users answers. You can guide user throw the whole procedure (for example for buying a computer, for technical support ...). In development is also graphical “mind tree” for guided conversation with user. A really powerful feature.

One of the strong feature is “Intelligent website text search”. It can offer better search results from your (URL) pages and can learn from it. We will prepare a more technical press release in next weeks for this really powerful feature.


  [ # 4 ]

After some months of hard team work we have done many changes on our platform. Many of changes are in backend, but we also add some new features and we can now make a custom packages for suit almost needs (full customization, connecting with your databases, security certificates (from phishing to pharming)...).

And yes, now we are going forward grin

Thanks to all of our users all over the world. It is interesting that we can see a changes in statistics when some nation plays a football game on our system grin

Thanks also to all of you who asked about how to become a distributor. We will now start with reselling. Everyone who want to became a reseller are welcome as well.


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Does offer an API?  I can’t readily see anything about this on the website.

Can be quickly and easily attached to Twitter?

Can learn to reply from a Twitter account or hashtag?

Can learn to reply from individual website content?

I’m looking for automated solutions; I really don’t want to hand-tool a knowledgebase.


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Marcus Endicott - Jun 29, 2014:

Does offer an API?  I can’t readily see anything about this on the website.

What API do you have on mind? To communicate from your program and get answer back without SecondEGO widget?
This isn’t available at the moment, but will be done in the future.

Marcus Endicott - Jun 29, 2014:

Can be quickly and easily attached to Twitter?

This is also one of the item on To-do list.

Marcus Endicott - Jun 29, 2014:

Can learn to reply from a Twitter account or hashtag?

No, but it will be done when integration to Twitter will be finished.
Please read also answer to your next question.

Marcus Endicott - Jun 29, 2014:

Can learn to reply from individual website content?

Yes. In Business packages (or Trial package) you have “Site search”. This feature learn from your website. It also uses intelligent mechanism, so answers aren’t always just a link to search results, but also as real answer.

Marcus Endicott - Jun 29, 2014:

I’m looking for automated solutions; I really don’t want to hand-tool a knowledgebase.

We just finishing a mechanism to import FAQs and predefined knowledge. This will be very powerful when it will be integrated with previous answer.

All my answers are for SecondEGO platform. If some company want a custom solution, we prepare it. And this is the reason why some features have to wait some months to became public available.


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900 answers per month for $29? It means only 30 answers per day?


  [ # 8 ]

Price is comparable to similar services. You have to understand, that SecondEGO is one of the most powerful services. Some of features are not available to all users at the moment and some of already available aren’t described.

Some new features (not mentioned, but very interesting):
1. Reseller support
2. Possible integration with powerful SafeSigned technologies (anti-pharming, content copy, click-thru verification, proactive site copy reporting…)
3. Using visual diagramming programs (for example FreeMind) for preparing virtual agent’s behavior. Now all your knowledge of the company can be collected and used by virtual agent, people working on customer support, newcomers in your organization…
Much easier, very transparently and fast integration of knowledge.
4. Improvement of Crammer technology. Crammer is Cross-Language Question Answering system. Better auto learning from texts and answering on user’s question.
Crammer can learn from text in one language, but can also answer in other languages.
5. Transcription of all conversations.
6. Live chat. You will watch/control all live conversations and leap in, if necessary. It will also be interesting to use SecondEGO as usual live chat (answer to users’ questions without virtual agent). After your business hours, you will simply set answering mode to “virtual agent” and it will work for you 24/7.
7. Learning from transcription. There will be many good answers from your live chat. Why not use transcriptions and select what questions/answers are important? Can you imagine how fast will your virtual agent learn and how good it can be?

And last, but not least - we allow much more answers for virtual agent as described. This means that you can have some thousands of answers instead of 900, before services stops. Don’t worry, try it ...


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Nathan Hu - Feb 4, 2015:

900 answers per month for $29? It means only 30 answers per day?

Yesterday I forgot to mentioned that answers from Livechat can be unlimited ...


  [ # 10 ]

I see. Anyway, I am a chatbot platform developer. I will be so happy if your price can be accepted by users.


  [ # 11 ]

Price is accepted ... and as I said, it is very similar to other virtual agent and livechat platforms.
On the other hands, enterprise users loves that our system make possible to integrate virtual agents with their internal databases ... and this push our system from standard packages to customizable packages.


  [ # 12 ]

On what domains can we use the chatbot for?
I want to use it community support forum type queries.
Is it a feasible solution?


  [ # 13 ]

You can use SecondEGO assistant on any domain.
It can be used on community support forum without problem.
SecondEGO assistant can be used as search engine as well, but SecondEGO generates the page index only from time to time (usually week or so, so it isn’t suitable if forum is full of changes).
On the other hand, SecondEGO assistant can offer visitors different type of help. This knowledge can be prepared with MindMap programs.

BTW - in last year SecondEGO get many interesting features.


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