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Artificial Intelligence Comics

I started an artificial intelligence/chat bot themed web comic called “” It’s being used to promote Zabaware so it centers around Zabaware chatbot characters. Exploring various topics in AI and new comics posted once a week. Please let me know your thoughts, here are the links to the first 6:

Welcome to AI Comics - Part 1 of 2
Welcome to AI Comics - Part 2 of 2
Preparing for Turing Test
Turing Today and in the Future
Meaning of Life
AI Therapy


  [ # 1 ]

Robert, that was AWESOME! Very entertaining and engaging. I’ll be sure to bookmark the site, and visit it regularly. smile


  [ # 2 ]

Thanks, glad you like it! Planning on posting one new strip per week.


  [ # 3 ]

These would be my thoughts.  I liked it very much, but I experienced a minor issue.
The first time I visited, I started clicking around, but I did not think to scroll down.

So, I left without reading the comics.  Then, I went back the next day and tryed again.

I suggest the comics be placed at the top of the page since they grab attention.
If my hypothesis is correct, you may see an increase in the duration of visits.


  [ # 4 ]


“The code is is well commented and should be easy to understand if you are familiar with VBScript.”

EDIT: “is is” S/B: “is”


  [ # 5 ]

Thanks, I fixed the “is is” mistake and will work on making the title graphic smaller or maybe responsive to screen/window size so that other people aren’t confused.


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