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A chatbot developers Poll
Of all members of this site, are you developing your bot for...
just for fun 2
for an experiment 3
as part of a thesis 0
for profit 3
Total Votes: 8
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Of all members of this site, are you developing your bot for…

1) just for fun
2) for an experiment
3) as part of a thesis
4) for profit

and, for what area ...

1) entertainment
2) education
3) research
4) business
5) information technology


  [ # 1 ]

Why don’t you add a real poll to this topic? We’ll have visual feedback! If you press ‘edit’ on your own topic, add click ‘add poll’, it will speak for itself!


  [ # 2 ]

Very nice Erwin . . Done smile


  [ # 3 ]

first vote is in:-)


  [ # 4 ]

hum . ..  Gee. . . I wonder who is developing a bot for an experiment !!!!!

So curiosity is driving your pursuit for the ultimate bot ?


  [ # 5 ]

gee. Thesis, can’t say that… For fun, nooo, not just for fun. For profit… mmm eventually should bring me some revenues to compensate the investment, but to have profit from the bot itself…. no… For experiment: let’s see what I can do with it… that’s interesting (thinking about an chatbot who know everything about. ...chatbots!).


  [ # 6 ]

Did I miss an option that you would have selected?


  [ # 7 ]

Well you missed one in my case. The closest option available is actually “for a thesis”, since that’s an educational motive. but it really doesn’t cover my situation, either. Of course, if I were to use a VERY broadened interpretation, “for profit” could work, as well, though my motivation here isn’t financial. smile

If I had to pick a basic reason, it would have to be “to learn”.


  [ # 8 ]

awesome .. thanks for giving your input DAve. . .i think this survey also helps to learn more about each other.

Mine is for sure for fun. . .. I LOVE programming. . and I will think it will be a huge thrill for a machine to really understand and converse in english . . and what the hell .. if a few bucks comes from it somewhere down the line. . nothing wrong with that either lol .. .but the main reason is. . . for me…. fascinating with the very idea. . .from a young age… i remember watching sci-fi movies. . .star wars, star trek…. all with an A.I. theme. . .and just getting magazines that my dad would get in the mail. .. when i discovered the term “Artificial intelligence<”.  .when i saw those 2 words together, it changed my life… and I thought to myself. . . i want to see that happen !!


  [ # 9 ]

sci-fi movies: I’m still looking for someone helping us to setup the Entertainment area. I’d love to have all science fiction movies where dialogues where artificial entities play a role listed on But who will be doing that? Victor? That would be cool! grin


  [ # 10 ]

SURE ! I would absolutely love to setup the entertainment area !!  I know many movies and quotes from famous “A.I. actors” smile


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