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Brackets inside braces, not allowed?

I’d like to have some flexibility of an input as shown in the screen shot. However, it seems I just could not put brackets inside braces.

Do I have any misunderstanding about the definition of brackets and/or braces, or is it just such nesting is not allowed?

Many thanks.

Just that I should have put parens around the phrase inside the braces…

(Sorry that I don’t know how to cancel a post once submitted.)

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Your understanding is correct. Don’t know what your problem was… this works for me in stand alone mode:

Command: :testpattern ( [ (I would like to) (may I) ] (see how [ (I can) to]) open a account) I would like to see how to open a account

Maybe if I saw the log I’d know. 

Also, this pattern could be clearer if you want it:
([ “I would like to” “may I”] ...

since for small sequences of words the quoted notation has a similar effect to a ( ) notation.


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My intent was to have
” see how [ (I can) to ] “
to be optional in braces, but I forgot to put them into parens in the screen shot.

So don’t have a problem on it now.

And yes, I agree that [“I would like to” “may I”] is more clear and direct then using parens. Thanks for the advice.


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