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Program AB


I am new to things and tire-kicking my way around the AI world.  I’m looking to create my own standalone chatbot.  Being a java developer,  I’ve gravitated towards Program AB.  I have a couple of questions:

  1/ It looks like what is available on google code is a beta version going back to 2013.  Is there a more recent version around anywhere?
  2/ Is this a complete implementation of the AIML 2.0 standard?
  3/ If anyone is familiar with the internals: where would one integrate a backend knowledge-base such as wikidata or google’s knowledge graph?

I’m basically curious about a mechanism for asking questions of an AIML script, and when the script doesn’t know the answer, it would query the knowledge base.

This is mostly for self-educational purposes.  I figure I need to start somewhere and this project would be a decent starting point.

Thanks.  I’ve been perusing the forums, there is a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm here!



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well a little RTFM later I discovered the sraix tag.


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Hi Bill. I can’t really answer your questions since I am rather new to this gs and still just toying around with AIML 1.0 but just wanted to say hi since nobody answered you :D Chat bots are a blast aren’t they?


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1 - I think the 2013 version is the current one. Not much development has happened with it.
2 - Yes
3 - You found it yourself sraix tag


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Hi there, Bill. Sorry for not responding myself, but college has me really busy, and I thought sure that either Dr. Wallace or Steve would handle answering you (sorry to throw you under the bus, Steve).

As to question 1, I would add that I’m pretty sure that anyone is welcome to work on improving the code base. I’m not a Java programmer, personally, but I have an interest in the way that Program AB handles AIML, mainly because I’d like to port the code over to PHP when I have the time to do so. A couple of the projects that I’m working on (when I have time) involve AIML, and I want to update them to use AIML 2.0 smile


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