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Have you joined this board just to troll?


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Yeah kinda! just seeing through some interesting posts thats all! It feels good to read others view isn’t it? Just exploring the net I suppose. I would be most probably getting some prelim composition at my that peaceful forum first then once you have some basics, so you go for some discussion for how to solve rest, no? You must have seen there isn’t much yet ...heheh! And I just can deal with one postings only yep just not in mood for some serious thinking so thought why not have some lil troll ...just having kinda overview of your site. Whats what? and where? I don’t think you thinking of sueing me for that, or do you steve? I am kinda still afraid of you ...heheh! Hands up for me then already

Maybe I am gonna call Mr. Chomosky himself there then  He seems to be retired and free. He listened to me once that too very promptly, maybe he won’t mind few moments of his for me again. wink


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Sorry to others to be going way off topic here (not so much this thread which is daft anyway, more the forum).

NickyBlue, you gave yourself away in the end with certain phrase choices that do not fit with the level of English you are pretending to have. It makes me wonder why that might be (linguistics is my job).

Though, what with original posters weird techno-babble, spamming & linking attempts and your odd ‘contributions’, you have ‘both’ managed to turn this thread into one of the most bizarre, and pointless.


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I thought I had closed this thread. Well, I’m closing it now.


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