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ChatScript and Web applications

Hi all,
I am new to chatscript and chatbots technologies and recently, I managed to use chatscript to build a simple chatbot. I wanted to know, if there is an API for ChatScript or some tutorials of how to use it in a web application(by “use it” I mean use its patterns, features ...)
Any help is much appreciated.


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Hello Nabil,
I would suggest looking into CS documentation folder and review the documents covering JSON and the one covering servers. It will answer a lot of your questions. Also check the client folder for exemples on how to implement the client in PHP.

As a side note, I am currently working on a RESTful proxy to interact with CS. It essentially creates an API for your bot. I wanted to hold on to announcing it until it was more robust, but I guess it does not really matters:

However, I have realized today that CS has changed tremendously in the last few version, which is very exciting. I haven’t had time to reassess my project objectives with the new features yet. But my goals are: easy to deploy on PaaS providers (Heroku, Openshift, Docker…), unit tests/CI, as little overhead as possible for queries, no PHP. In its current state, it should be enough to get you started if you have some basics in JS & PaaS.

Of course, I welcome all questions, comments, pull requests and plan on continuing development until it is robust enough for production. nodejs wizards and Express guru, all help appreciated.


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Thank you Samuel Cousin, really appreciate that !


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This is kind of what we’ve done.

We’ve built a DLL version of CS and then built a simple API* in our development tool that just calls the PerformChat function that the CS DLL exports. There’s also a single call to InitSystem when a process first starts up.

It might be a touch more complicated if your server development environment cannot easily call C functions, but if it can then it is very easy.

We are still in a research mode, but looking longer term there are some aspects of CS’s own server mode that ought to be available to it when hosted in a server environment but without the port listening mode. But that’s a discussion for another post.

* The API is nothing more complicated that POSTing to an endpoint with

"query" "what is your name?"

and getting an equally simple single property JSON response back. Although we do include a bit of extra meta data such as the bot’s name and volley number, and any OOB information.



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