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Init Performance on Android

Hi, I’m using the Chatscript Framework on Android.

I am using a Sony Xperia L for testing.

Seems to work in generell, but the init functions needs ~10 seconds.

Afterwords every respond is generated in no-time.

Does this seem realistically? Is here anyone having other experiences with android?
Is there a way to improve this?

I don’t want my users to wait 10 seconds every time they start my app.

Thank you,


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This is happening to me too. But I am using a browser to access the chatscript that is running in the Linux.

I don’t know why this is happening.

I would be grateful if someone help us.

Oberdan Alves


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The issue has to do with initial loading of the dictionary and topics on startup.  The only thing you can do to improve startup speed is to use a mini-dictionary instead of the full one. Rename the folder DICT/ENGLISH to something else.
Rename the folder DICT/BASIC to DICT/ENGLISH. Start up CS.  then take the new dict.bin and fact.bin to use with your android


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Could it have something to to with the ARM architecture?
Cause running on a x86 android emulator is runs just fine.


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but an emulator is presumably a high quality laptop/desktop cpu, vs the cpu of the cellphone itself.


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