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New platform to create virtual assistant

Create My Assistant is a new french platform to create virtual assistant.

This solution is yet only available in french but english will be supported soon.

You can try it freely 30 days.

No need to type code or to know syntax language, the solution is very simple to use.

Thanks to try it and to give feedback.


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Thanks Verite. Welcome to the AI Zone forum!

My French is not particulary good, so I tried ‘je suis Erwin’ with your virtual assistant Caroline.

She said:
Enchantée erwan
Avez-vous des questions sur les assistants virtuels

which is translated by Google as:
Magic erwan
Do you have questions about virtual assistants

Does your engine recognize the name ‘Erwin’ (that’s a must have of course wink

I’ll ask some French natives to test it.

I’ve deleted your logo from the attachment, it doesn’t add value. Better add an image of the form how to create a virutal assistant.

Next, it would be good to create a personal profile by adding a picture of yourself. People will find the link to your site anyway (as they do are interested!)..

And, at last, don’t forget to add Caroline in our directory listing:

She is a ‘proof of concept’ of your platform isn’t she?



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Yes she is a “proof of concept” of our platform.

In fact “enchantée” doesn’t mean “magic” but is closer to “nice to meet you”.

She didn’t recognize the firstname “erwin” but recognized the firstname “erwan”. She now knows the firstname “erwin”.

Thanks for having tried.



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Hello everyone, bonjour Jérôme!

I’ve tried a new French platform ‘Create My Assistant’ to create virtual assistant, and I would like to share my feedback smile has an extremely simple registering form (email and password), activation link is quickly sent via email. When I logged in, I found a clear and short presentation on how to create virtual assistant step-by-step.

First I went to a Dashboard that allows a general overwiev of the virtual assistant. Then, I could switch between the following tabs: Avatar (creating the look of a virtual assistant), Connaissances (defining a configuration of the knowledgebase), Conversations (conversations tracking tool), Statistiques (you can view all your statistics concerning virtual assistant).

Especially interesting features according to me are:
-user friendly environment with very smooth and professional layout,
-invoice payment tracking panel,
-possibility of budget limitations: you can set a cap on your monthly budget. When this limit is reached, the assistant will no longer appear on your site,
-possibility of knowledgebase configuration backup,
-very rich analytics on virtual assistant’s conversations (volume, conversation themes, qualification rate in order to maximize the direct responses,
-possibility of creating new ontologies, new contextual knowledge and new URL redirections within an answer of a virtual assistant.

I have also embedded my 30-day trial virtual assistant in my homepage:
I am looking forward to English translation of this tool!

Yours / Bien à vous,


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Thanks a lot for your feedback.

We’re pleased to see our work is appreciated.

We are currently working on english version, it will be available soon !



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The Create My Assistant solution is now available in english.

You can freely try it.

We’ll be very pleased to have feedback about the solution.



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Thanks Jérôme. Actually I should test all these solutions and see how we can create a

If you’d like to have more visibility, please write an article for our business and create a youtube (or an another video site which we can embed) video: ‘3 steps to create a virtual assistant in 1 minute0.


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Jérôme, what’s the link to the English version of your Assistant?


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I’ve searched Create My Assistant in Google and found it very interesting. It provides you a new way to create and configure your own virtual assistant at a very low price. And uses easy to use interface so you can customize and configure your assistant very quickly.. Thanks for the share Jérôme. I would also like to share these magical tools I found to help teams and virtual assistants communicate more effectively in a virtual world. Here’s the Link.


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