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Why is AI booming now?
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I’m not scared of AI taking our jobs, because even without proper AI, all of our jobs are being automated away anyway. They only started with the simple jobs (cashiers) but once they tackle one industry they can focus on the next. Cars are currently being made self-driving, and that will displace ALL taxi drivers, long haul truck drivers, all sorts of people would be out of jobs.

(and the scary thing about that is, how long will it take us to adopt some kind of universal basic income to pay these out-of-work humans? we might get to scary unemployment numbers and civil crisis before we get our act together, but that’s a whole other story)

“Artificial Intelligence” being defined as that holy grail of a conscious computer that can learn and evolve itself, and “AIML, ChatScript, RiveScript, and toy chatbots” as the other sort of group that this site mostly talks about… you won’t find too much of the dense academic knowledge of modern A.I. development here I think. Apples and oranges.


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Nicely stated Noah and how many more jobs, menial and skilled alike will be consumed by the AI, AGI, ASI, etc.

There are already robots assisting farmers, from dairy production to planting crops to driving the tractors and surveying the land, estimating harvest based on square footage, fertilizer applications, etc., from a drone!

Weather prediction programs, CGI production studios, humanoids looking indistinguishable from humans, robots as concierge and check-in agents, medical assistants, train engineers, even assisted surgeons, lawyer aides, and in time aircraft piolets, robotic chefs able to prepare an outstanding meal, mix a drink, pancakes or fill an ice cream cone at a fair.

I think some developers view it as a “challenge” to see just what can be done by robots or AI. There might just be nothing that they can’t do.

I get the concept of “socialized earnings” but that is quite a slippery slope as well and one that will lead to nowhere.

Agreed, these chatbots and even the SIRI’s, Google’s and Cortana’s will likely pale in comparison to what’s coming!


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Some A.I. researchers may claim chatbots are trivial, but they fail to see the essential element.

Chatbots are far more challenging to tell apart from humans than any other approach to A.I.

I do however, appreciate and respect points of view, about artificial intelligence, that differ from mine.


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It seems my theory is myth-busted.


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What I’ve noticed as you look over time is that as soon as AI begins to gain ground then it’s no longer considered AI.

In Turing’s time the idea of a computer making a phone call was considered something in science fiction and the notion that it could only do this if it had the same level of understanding as a human was thought of as scary.

When Siri (and other AI innovations) were released there is the routine journalistic articles about the AI boogeyman that’s about to take everything over and then as the months and years pass, it just becomes another technology with it’s limitations and innovation and the goalpost of “real AI” is set a little higher.

Right now, “AI” is being used like a buzz-word and is really just a new synonym of “clever software”. And business people love buzzwords. The AI boom is more about that it’s cool right now like java programming, cold fusion, c++ or “experience with Linux” used to be. Lots of companies are pursuing it because the big companies are doing it and they don’t want to be left behind. And the AI they are pursuing is very specialized, i.e. customer service chatbots.

It’s not until an AI can do everything humans can do and can learn faster than people then AI will not be a software feature “it has AI that can . . . “. and be considered a thinking machine. Then there’s no time for people to get comfortable with their limitations (there won’t be any) and then the grand ethical debate of whether or not it’s good will actually take place instead of just a time delay while people get used to the next level of technology.

If I have my way this will be soon. I’m working as fast as I can smile


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The rate of progress in the field of artificial intelligence is one of the most hotly contested aspects of the ongoing boom in teaching computers and robots how to see the world, make sense of it, and eventually perform complex tasks both in the physical realm and the virtual one. And just how fast the industry is moving, and to what end, is typically measured not just by actual product advancements and research milestones, but also by the prognostications and voiced concerns of AI leaders, futurists, academics, economists, and policymakers. AI is going to change the world — but how and when are still open questions.

According to Andrew Ng, “Artificial Intelligence is new electricity”. The way electricity brought change in every sector, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will bring in the same way. Data is becoming new oil. Machine learning is becoming the new combustion engine.

How much progress Artificial Intelligence has made so far, and what possible impacts it’s going to make on our society and jobs in future.


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