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New Loebner Prize Protocol announced
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“The organisers typically rent Windows 7 computers for Bletchley Park so it’s not likely a problem there,...”

Hard to see real progress in using an 8 year old OS on which to run the latest, greatest Chatbots submissions.  Surely there is an easier, more efficient way for everyone to come up to speed.

Not trying to incite a riot but rather doing a bit of head scratching.


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That’s odd, Don. I have Windows 10 on my computer and it still has a working install of IE. I use it quite regularly to test web pages that I’m developing. Perhaps this article might help?


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I also had IE, but I upgraded to win 10 from an earlier OS.


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One can type Internet Explorer in the text box at the lower left and it should display Internet Explorer Desktop App.

If one chooses this, it will open the browser with IE 11 and MSN of course.


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No, I tried all that and more. The remaining program files are inoperable and Microsoft’s site literally says my system is incompatible. It still worked last month so this is just Microsoft’s typical manhandling. Anyway, if no-one else has this problem it’s not a problem.

Meanwhile I’ve hacked around a bit and got a potential cross-browser interface:
On the bot’s computer one would run a copy of confederate.html with a single line adjusted. It’s monitored by an additional exe program that converts any incoming input to folders/textfiles, and vice versa, relays your chatbot’s answer by pasting it into the html’s textbox and simulating a carriage return.
Downside: the html file must be kept in the foreground and the input box must retain keyboard focus in order to paste, and the judge’s message can not exceed 240 characters. I may be able to increase that but that gets trickier.
Upside: Doesn’t require specific browsers or ActiveX, and C++ users could use my code to monitor the html directly if they have the windows.h library.

Still, if there’s an easy way to interface directly with the server, that would be preferable.


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The one problem here is that all browsers except IE consider file system manipulation to be a huge security risk (and with good reason), so this is going to be a really tough nut to crack without taking extraordinary measures. I thought that maybe HTML5 localStorage might be an option, but I have no idea on how to access that outside the browser. Flash might also be a viable option, but I don’t think there’s enough time this year to develop something useful.


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Choosing a new round on the controlPanel after Round 3 crashes the server.
Trying to connect from a client that is not talking to a judge crashes the server.

If server crashes during a round, there does not appear to be a way to restart/continue.


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Good to know, Merlin. Is the added debugging code showing any sort of cause for this?


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Mostly unhandled exceptions.
I did a one-liner to max out the rounds at 3.
Not sure about how the client is crashing the server.


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Don Patrick - Apr 21, 2017:

Still, if there’s an easy way to interface directly with the server, that would be preferable.

Interfacing directly with a c++ interface is not easy because io-socket uses a specific protocol with HTTP, base64, SHA1, etc… It is the RFC 6455, and I have abandonned the idea of writing an interface, too difficult. There is some projects that implements the protocol. I have tryed this one but not reached to make it work. There is this and this which uses c++ 11, boost. I dont had the time to try them.

An other way is to create an HTML page to manage the protocol, and embbed it with an IWebBrowser2 com object. It is pretty easy (there is a sample), and after, we can automate it with IWebBrowser2::get_Document, IHTMHDocument2::get_body, IHTMHDocument3::getElementById, IHTMHDocument3::innerText, etc… I am programming a sample in this direction. Obviously, in this case, we must know if the computer is connected at internet to know where to found jquery.js and


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