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Going beyond the limitations of a chatbot with AI

Hi everyone,

What do you think AI can do to help chatbots? I’ll post this article here which may interest you and get the conversation going:


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Hello Emilie and Welcome!

Perhaps it would have been in the author’s best interest to spend some time here exploring and digging through some of the pertinent posts, past and present. They would have served to provide him more insight and a better understanding of the Chatbot community instead of making those blanket statements like he did.

“Chatbots built without artificial intelligence become extremely limited in regards to dialogues.”

I think we have quite a few members of this forum who might disagree with that statement.

An equally applicable title to his article could also have been, What do you think Chatbots can do to help AI?

Lastly, there is a pretty distinct difference between a Chatbot that can carry on a conversation and a Digital Assistant like Google Now or Alexa or Siri.


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In support centers chatbot do a lot of automation in the background


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Hi emilie,
I would say that chatbots and AI if used in the correct way with proper knowledge and assistance to a well skilled AI expert, can create software like Alexa, Siri etc. which can both interact with humans based on their AI nature, perhaps that how can we have a knowledge to AI and can develop chatbots, I would like to tell you all that one of my friends is doing 6 months AI certification in an institute named KVCH, and he told to me that his institute gives chances to student to work on live projects .
and he is also telling me that after the completion, of course, he is able to develop a chatbot application


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