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Moving my AIML 2.0 bot to the web

Hi all,
I have authored my bot in AIML 2.0. I am making extensive use of sets. I want to serve my bot over the Internet. As of this writing, it is a desktop application.
I need to know what platforms I can use to do this.
1. I have looked at bot libre. I like it but it means learning self scripting and converting my large sets to JSON which I prefer not to have to do.
2. My bot uses program-ab but it cannot be deployed over the web.
3. My next option is programw. Has anyone used this platform? I like what I see about using it as a war file but I need to understand a few things. For instance, can I use the sraix tag to pull data from duckduckgo using programw? I have tried to read its source code and am unable to find the answer.
4. Are there any other options? Pandorabots is out due to user interface accessibility issues because I use a screen reader. Moreover, I want to host my bot on my own server.


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Pranav, I’ve never heard of “programw”. Can you please provide a link, so that interested individuals can check it out? Thanks.


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Hi, You can find program W at the following link.


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Program W is many years old now. I doubt very much that it supports AIML 2.0, as the new features like sets and maps were created long after Program W was developed.

The only interpreter I know that supports AIML 2.0 is Program AB:


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Hi Steve,
Ah thanks. I am indeed using program AB for now. The problem is that I am unable to deploy it on the web at least there seems to be no easy way to do so. I want my user to go to a web page and to be able to chat with my bot. I am wondering if I should switch to chatscript or perhaps write a basic servlet to invoke program AB?


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What is needed is an interface for Program AB that accepts HTTP requests. Sadly, I’m not proficient in Java, so have no idea on how to advise with the creation of such an interface. there may be someone here that could provide direction, but I’m not sure who that might be.


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