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Chatbots in the classroom


I have recently developed a chatbot (for Android) about a quite famous Spanish writer. Since this bot is based in a historical character, I consider that it may be useful as a learning tool, especially for young children (8-12 years), since it offers the possibility of discovering his life by directly talking with him. Thus, I would like to create some learning materials to be used with the chatbot at school. However, as I don’t have experience in the learning field, I find hard to craft these materials. I think that some «fill-in-the-blanks» sheets may be nice, but I find hard to think in other learning uses!

I haven’t found on the web much information about learning and chatbots, even if learning is frequently cited as one of its applications. There are some things about using chatbots to learn a foreign language (not much, even), but I have been unable to find anything about learning experiences related to chatbots of historical characters.

Have you ever heard of any experience of this kind or do you have any ideas about materials for these type of chatbots?

Many thanks for your help!


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Hi Jose,

Here’s a good starter for 10. Work done a decade ago about a prototype system called TeachBot.

Cheers ...


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Many thanks for the link! It seems really promising.

Best regards,


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