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Persistent Memory Fact-Set


I have used ^burst to split the word into letters, it is storing them as individual facts in a fact set. I want to use this fact set in a different responder, for this i have to make this fact-set as persistent memory. Is it possible to make a persistent memory Fact set or any alternative methods so that I can use this letters set in other Rules or responders?


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query into a factset and then use


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Thank you Bruce,

Can you give me a sample syntax for ^makereal. Like how to use it on a factset @0?


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and let us know what happens.


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nope. it takes no arguments and makes all user created facts permanent. Not the right idea.  I will get back to you later on this.


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Hello Bruce,

I have tried using ^makereal() with no arguments but its not working.

u: Q1 (play) whats your answer?
  $questionword = apple
  $$num = ^length($questionword)
  @0 = ^burst( $questionword “”)
  $letter = ^nth(@0 3)
  $fact = ^createfact( Bob own fish)
  ^createfact ($fact Bob pet FACTSUBJECT)

t: Q2 (_*) $tmp = _0 your reply is $userword and the answer is $questionword . ^keep() ^repeat()
if(^length($tmp) == 1){ it worked the word is $letter. and the word length is ^length($questionword), the length of fact is ^length(@0).} else { sorry enter only one word ^reuse(Q4)}

it still gives 0 length for @0 when I call it in second rule.


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