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Important Announcements RE: 2017. (inc. dates, and protocol)
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Entrants are advised to either, attend, or to have a representative attend, such that they may address any technical issues arising with their entries. In future years this may become a requirement.

By the way, if I had been present at the event last year it would not have made much difference, as all I could have told you was that the problem did not lie in my program. As I stated in my instructions I was standing by at my email address while the contest took place, but I did not receive any messages. I wouldn’t mind attending personally when the AISB covers some of the expenses (good call there, as the prize money doesn’t necessarily cover it), but I wouldn’t advise making it a requirement, with many entries coming from the US.


  [ # 17 ]

Fyi, I believe the email system is broken.

If you need to reach me, email directly.


  [ # 18 ]

I found bugs in using MS Edge as a browser for the new LPP.
I suggest the contest runs with Google Chrome as the client browser or Internet Explorer if using the shim for the old protocol.


  [ # 19 ]

The AISB is changing the dropbox for the bots.
This needs to be set up as soon as possible, since the deadline is next Monday.

Some of us may need to submit before that date.


  [ # 20 ]

I just submitted my bot to the Loebner competition.


  [ # 21 ]

Good luck, Merlin.


  [ # 22 ]

Steve entered. Don?
Anyone else?


  [ # 23 ]

I’m letting it simmer a bit before dropping it off tomorrow.


  [ # 24 ]

I know that this year has been a virtual train wreck (I almost mentioned monkeys and footballs, but this is a family friendly forum, so…), but I’m glad to see that many folks have braved the new frontier and have entered their chatbots. Hopefully things will be much better organized moving forward. Once I’m finished with my schooling I intend to become more directly involved, and with any luck, can bring some valuable assets and insights to the table. smile


  [ # 25 ]

Ron Lee - Tutor
Brian Rigsby - Izar
Dr Richard Wallace - Alice 2.0

... have also entered.


  [ # 26 ]

Entered Talk2Me last friday.rolleyes


  [ # 27 ]

I am not participating this year because of real life issues.
But I would like to extend my deepest support to this year’s contestants!

Go on and break the limit!


  [ # 28 ]

I also entered my bot


  [ # 29 ]

The LPP has traditionally been criticized for taking away from A.I. work.  Congratulations to the AISB for carrying on that tradition with double effectiveness. Two LPPs this year turned out to be an effort in futility for contestants who complied with the original contest regulations, that were then changed a month before the deadline to enter the contest.


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I believe any protocol counts for up to 5 % (or less) of our whole job, so pushing it to 10 % with a new protocol and allowing two more weeks may have been enough. I believe it is good to make progress and that NodeJS can turn out to be a good upgrade, though I liked the character-by-character natural way of the LPP.

I wanted to point out that the community really showed so much collaborative work on this subject, it was great to see people helping other contestants.

I may lack information on the subject but I see much efforts made by the community to address the issue, and by the AISB as well, to make everything work in the end.

I still cross fingers for everyone for the live… but that’s because of Murphy’s Law wink


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