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avatar for sports/gymanastics/exercise

Hi Everybody

I came across your website by luck.

I am searching for a software or open source that could be used to make personalised avatar, and the avatar will be able to do physical exercise/sports/gymnastics, i mean like something like this ;

Thank you


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Hi, Chris, and welcome to smile

I doubt that you’re going to find anything in the open source arena that will suit your needs, and I’m reasonably certain that you’re going to have a hard time finding anything that will do exactly what you want “out of the box”, but I may have a suggestion for you. Try reaching out to Media Semantics to see if this is something that they’re interested in working on with you. I work with them regularly, and I’m sure that they’re capable of creating something like what you’ve described, so it’s worth discussing it with them. My point of contact there is a man by the name of Doug C.(I won’t give out his full name in a public forum without permission), and if you talk to him, please let him know I sent you (I won’t get a kickback or anything, but he might appreciate the referral).

I hope this helps.


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