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Telegram Business Robots

Hi there,

It is with pleasure posting for my first time in this forum. Please I need assistance as to how to create a bot on telegram that I will use for business.

Please I don’t know if you have heard of Magic Bitcoin Farm Bot or CashRobotsBot, or Cashzoobot. I need a bot of that sort.

Please if you can be of help please do your best for me. Even if it will cost me money to get it please let me know.

Please if you cannot help but you know of some people that can help me get it free of charge or at a fee too then please let me know.

Thank you and hoping to hear from you soon.


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Hello, Prince Arhin, and welcome to! smile

I’m afraid that these types of bots aren’t something that gets much (read: any) attention here, so I doubt that anyone here will have any more information for you than a simple Google search will provide. Of course I could be wrong here, and we may have a “closet bitcoin fan” (or two) among us, but I think that for the most part our community probably won’t have much information for you. That said, I wish you well on your search. smile


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