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  [ # 181 ]

New version available today!

Webcam function improved :
- If Harumi sees you on cam, she opens her eyes and watch on right, left or center depending on your position. If she detects a smile, she will smile too.

AI new function :
- Groups sentences :You can now record in her memory a sentence like mammal,reptile,insect=>animal
After recording, if you ask something like “which animal lives in australia?” while “a kangaroo is an Australia mammal” is in memory, then Harumi will give you the good answer.


  [ # 182 ]

New Harumi version coming soon, important update!

- Chess game included (with full version only). I coded the chess game from scratch, it’s still on test and I need to update this feature in order to have a fully functionnal chess game with enough challenge for a casual player. My chess engine is for the moment able to “see” 4 to 6 half-moves forward. Nevertheless, basic moves like rook or promotion are still not available. I’m working on it, but it won’t be too difficult since the main problem was to code the “minimax” algorithm and “evaluation” function to take the good décisions!
Note that what will be fun, since I’ve total control on chess code, is that Harumi will be able to do comments on the game currently play!

- Alternatives appearence for Harumi when webcam activated, auto zoom of her image depending on the distance between user and cam.

- Better AI


  [ # 183 ]

Harumi new version released today!
- chess game included (this version is a pre alpha, upgrades coming soon regarding AI and functions.)
- Now it’s possible to change Harumi apparence when webcam activated (2 apparences are available, many can be added. To pick up a specific apparence, write for example “put your blue kimono” then click on webcam icon)
- Harumi now has the ability to give her feeling about a stimulus (example : “what do you think about it?”) Depending on the value associated with the stimulus currently activated, Harumi will say if she likes or dislikes it.
- When a question is too vague, Harumi will ask for more informations
- Lot of updates regarding AI and contextualisation gestion.


  [ # 184 ]

Next version coming soon, here are next features/corrections :
- AI : Learning from errors! When Harumi answer is wrong, click on “No icon”. If the 2nd answer is right, click on “Yes icon” and Harumi will remember how to answer properly.
- AI : More variations of answers and more émoticons.
- 3 levels for chess game, only level 1 for free version. Better AI : more agressive and trying to avoid playing same moves when nothing occurs on board. Correction of large castle bug for black.
- Webcam bug correction : when clicking on webcam icon with empty text, no more crash.


  [ # 185 ]

New version released yesterday :

- New fonction : Harumi can learn from her errors. Example :
  User : Harumi, how old are you?
  Harumi : My name is Harumi.
  User : (click on no icon)
  Harumi : I’m 2 years old!
  User :(click on yes icon)
  Harumi : I understand better now !  (Now , Harumi will change words priority on the question ” Harumi, how old are you?”)

-  Better AI
  - Correction of a bug where Harumi mix many texts in her answer window.
  - Chess game has now 3 levels, only level 1 is available for the free trial. Note that this level is just to give an idea on how to play the game with Harumi, since the difficulty is for beginners only. Note that update will come soon for the chess game. As an average player, I personnaly like playing level 3.



  [ # 186 ]

Harumi 4.71 released today :
- AI : syntax errors and plurial of words are better handled by Harumi.
- bug correction on the new function “learning from error”
- Chess AI updated and bugs correction. Harumi plays better at level 1, 2 and 3. At level 1, she tryes to protect her king when she “sees” a checkmate on next move. At level 2 and 3, she attacks player’s king more often and tryes to achieve checkmate.


  [ # 187 ]

Here are some news : Harumi 5.0 will be released soon!
The main AI engine was rebuilt from scratch and the code optimised both on speed and ability to make inferences. Moreover, the code was cleaned from old functions and buggy situations. Nevertheless, appearence and functions are similar to 4.71 version. As a user, you will be on familiar ground with Harumi 5!


  [ # 188 ]

Harumi 5.0 released today!

- AI engine rebuilt from scratch, more stable, more efficient

- Auto Learning feature : Now Harumi will learn by herself and also delete by herself her memory : database now includes knowledge learnt during chat. You will notice everything dynamically learnt by seeing “[s]” in an entry line.
Note that when user wants Harumi to learn something important (meaning by using the learn icon), she won’t delete this knowledge!

- Harumi asks for user name on first launch
- Many bugs corrected (appointments, calcul, icons)
- When webcam activated, Harumi eyes blink, a new webcam appearence is available (Harumi looks like a manga version of Rachel from Bladerunner)
- Chess engine improved
- Scrolling of picture when Harumi is on standby
- Several voices remarks automatically triggered by events
- Voice recognizing fully functionnal (don’t forget to tell “Harumi” in your sentence… and learn to your voice recognizing software how to spell “Harumi”)


  [ # 189 ]

Harumi 5.1 released today. Several corrections on AI since the major precedent update.
Moreover, now Harumi is sold for only 5€!


  [ # 190 ]

Harumi 5.2 Release, important update :

Better AI :
- Harumi is now able to guess what words are worthless in the question. This feature is especially usefull when user’s request contains many parasites words. Example :
  “I have forgotten… Who created The wolf of wall street? Is it quentin tarantino or scorcese?”
- When two or more stimulus contains keywords linked to user’s request, Harumi gives priority on the stimulus with keywords strings located at the beginning.
- Harumi answers better at the question “why?” (Instead of picking up an answer in a theme, she tryes to find a similar sentence in it)

New functions :
- Answering to “What’s the day today?”
- When user ask for time, coming alarms are listed

Corrections :
- AI when vocal recognizing is activated
- Correction when user ask about the theme or click on “what about?” icon
- Icons disappear from answer when right key arrow is used in order to ease reading and copy-paste functions



  [ # 191 ]

Harumi 5.3 release!

Better AI :
- thematic context implemented (implicit)
- User can answer to Harumi questions by writing yes/no instead of using yes/no icons/
- When Harumi doesn’t understand the user, she tryes to creates a proposition out of database

Maths :
- quadratic functions solved (ax^2+bx+c=d)
- decimal numbers written in fractionnal form

Chess :
- Harumi doesn’t freeze while thinking (usefull in levels 2 and 3)
- user and Harumi play time displayed

Corrections :
- No case sensitive with symetric sentences (I am -> you are)
- negative numbers properly handled in maths.

Other :
- Number of stimulus recorded displayed on launch



  [ # 192 ]

Harumi 6.0 coming soon!
  The next version will be a major update since Harumi will be able for the first time able to answer by searching on the internet and not only by using her local database, a bit like Siri or other virtual assistants currently available on smartphones.
  For that, Harumi will use an online dictionnary, wikipedia and Google to answer questions when she encounters unknown words. Moreover, she will be able to automatically learn from internet while searching for informations.


  [ # 193 ]

Harumi 6.0 is now available!


  [ # 194 ]

Harumi 6.1 released!
- Harumi able to answer to generic questions like :
  “How to ....” by checking answer on internet.
- Mathématic functions added (cos, sin, exp, ln)
- English/French simple words translation
- Better interaction with more pre-written sentence.
- Facebook icon added to menu
- Better chess IA (strategy and use of multicore processor), now 4 difficulty levels



  [ # 195 ]

Hi, JF! Glad to see that progress continues. Please keep up the good work, and keep us informed on your progress. cheese


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