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I have some questions about chatbots and platforms and sources.

Hi everyone!
I am new in chatbots and it’s not a long time that I read and searched for it. So excuse me if I ask bad questions:

1- As I understood, we have a standard source to build a chatbot, it’s name is AIML, and it’s 59 files(as I did download last version) and consist of a lot of sentences in this pattern(I know srai is in some patterns to reference):

that>WHAT CAN I CALL YOU</that>
template><srai>my name is alison</srai>     <think>      <set name="gender">she</set>     </think></template>

And this online chatbot ( works with these 59 folders. (correct me if I am wrong).

2- AIML is a collection of questions/answers, and if you ask a question that isn’t existence in AIML files, it can’t answer you (Maybe it says something out of topic,etc respect to your interpreter)

3- There is some libraries named interpreter, their duty is doing pattern matching (i,e, if you ask “how old you”, it can match it to “how old are you” , then finds this sentence inside the AIML files and shows it’s answer).

4- There is another good platform, named ChatScript. It has no interpreter, but it has no language sets too! It has no need to using some extra things like writing or using an interpreter.

5- The structure of ChatScript is complicated than AIML Categories, but I think we can use AIML sets to building a new chatbot with CS?

I have other questions but I think these are good for start….Thank you in advanced!


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No, AIML is not the only way to build chatbots. Poke around in these forums and you will find experts on “Rive” script and “Program O”. I have not heard anyone mention Alexa skills, or MS LUIS, or Those are also chatbot building platforms. There may also be some Facebook messenger platforms.

So there are a lot of other choices [not to mention my favorite (see my home page here).]


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