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Chatbot who entertains

Hi all,
I present my Chatbot project for the first time now.

I am developing a Chatbot, whose functionality is mainly to entertain people and to give them advices about life, family, friends, and relations.

I am using NLP inside this project and since the investment of the efforts will not be small, I’d also like to make it available publicly and possibly to make money out of it.

Any idea and suggestion are more than Welcome


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I think anyone who has ever built a decent chatbot has invested considerable effort, often years. What kind of NLP do you have in mind?

As for moneymaking, chatbots that operate on mobile phones are the only kind of commercial application of entertainment chatbots that I know. Bruce Wilcox for instance has published Talking Angela. Cleverbot’s website is full of Google ads, maybe that pays the server bills too. And there are sometimes contests for chatbots, as you can check out in the “Other tests and contests” subforum.


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Hi all! Finally I have managed to to put online my chatbots!!
Who want to be my beta tester?

The address is

Please, try the virtual friends and tell me how you find them?
May be we can start something together?


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I asked it, “What is your name?” but it didn’t know…


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Dear Steve,
Thank you for thr feedback! It is appreciated!
It is still in a beta phase, I am inserting the predefined answers, but my idea is that it will have more to offer as generator of interesting and inspirational sentences.


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Ok. Good luck with your project.


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Thanx, now i do work on it. Any feedback is gold, so if you enter now, it could leave slightly different impression grin


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