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Taking a short sabbatical…

@everyone: It is with great sadness that I must tell you all that I am taking a short sabbatical from the Program O project. I’ve asked Elizabeth Perreau to remove me as a collaborator on GitHub for the time being, so that I won’t receive issue notifications, but I’ll still stay connected to other project related apps so that I can still keep in touch, if needed. I don’t know how long this sabbatical will last, but it won’t be less than a month, I’m sure. I’m not quitting, really, but I need to completely step away for at least a little while. It’s getting to be difficult, frustrating and even painful to try to work on the code, and I’m not doing the project any good at all in my current mental/emotional state. I think this break will be good for everyone, in the long run. I hope you all understand, and will forgive me.

I’ll still be visiting here, and performing my duties as a site admin, and answering questions about Program O here, BTW. Nothing here has changed. It’s just that with so many things changing in my personal life it was time to step back from a few things and reassess what’s important to me.


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A break sounds well deserved, if you ask me. Good luck with sorting things out, Dave.


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Take care Dave. Sometimes a break away from things helps you see clearer


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It’s always a good idea to take a break from a project or activity when it becomes stale. More often than not, you’ll be back when you’re ready, feeling more enthusiastic than ever. Take care and take your time. smile


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Thanks for the support and well wishes, folks. It means a great deal.

It’s been a while, Andrew. I hope all is good on your side of the globe. smile


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Oh No for Program O!


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Hi Andrew!


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