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Can this be used as alernative to


I am developing a “Support Live Chat” for my website.
I need to get incoming chats from my visitors in Gtalk/MSN/yahoo

I am currently using which is down most of the time, so I am looking for an alternative…

Can chatbots be used for that :
1) Getting incoming messages and sending them to IM such as MSN
2) Replying messages back

If yes, where can I get started?

Thank you for your help !! smile


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Hi, Alex, and thanks for posting. Welcome to! smile

Absolutely, what you’re looking to accomplish can be done with a chatbot! BUT there are a lot of technical issues that would need to be addressed.

First off, given the current level of advancement with internet chat bots, anything that you would want your bot to say (greetings, answers to questions, etc.) would have to be “coded into” the bot you’re using. Also, depending on the specific environment for your bot (e.g. self-hosted, third party hosting, etc.), the means where someone can connect to your bot through an IM service will differ. I personally don’t have the specific knowledge to be able to assist you with this, but perhaps one (or more) of the other members may be able to point you in the correct direction.


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Hi Dave!

Thank you for your reply.
Just to make sure you undersstood what I meant:

On my website I have a chat client, so my visitors can write me questions in the chet (in their browser, no need in IM client)

But I myself want to get those incoming chats redirected to my IM Client(“Gtalk”\“MSN”\“Yahoo Messenger”) and then I can answer those chats in the IM client.

All the system is currently workin with but as I said they are down half of the time..

So I am not sure what is “would have to be “coded into” the bot you’re using”
Can you explain please?

Thanks again, Alex


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Alex, Are you using complete hosting with IMIFIED? If so, are you looking for a new hosting provider for the chatbot on your site?


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Hi Jan!

IMIFIED Is a compete solution.
They are creating the bots and hosting them on their servers.
By using their API you can send messages to\from those bots.

I have my own private server, so I can host the bots if needed…



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In that case, I’d take a look at program O, which is an open source AIML implementation. I am not certain if there are any projects based on the ‘program O’ interpreter which provide an output to IM, but you might check sourceforge for that. Or perhaps Dr Wallace’s homepage:


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Looks like program O , is working with MYSQL and is inserting the messages into the database.

However I already have all this, just looking for a way to:
1) Send messages to IM client (Gmail,MSN,Yahoo,AIM)
2) Listen to messages from IM client (Gmail,MSN,Yahoo,AIM)

Thanks, Alex


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Do you know alternatives for imified. Its servers are down and It couldn’t log in to my IM accounts x-(


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cool hmm


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