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voice recognition for Pandorabots

I’m building a project in Portuguese in Pandorabots,all that is missing to complete the project is to build speech recognition in portuguese, all I need is an voice input instead of a text entry.

the only html I know this is here:

<input type=“text” size=“60” name=“input”/>
<input type=“text” size=“60” name=“input” x-webkit-speech />

But unfortunately it only gives in Windows 7 and in google crome.
I know there are at least two projects underway in Portuguese creators of these projects they do not want to talk about speech recognition.

So I come to ask for help from this forum or someone who can help me build a speech recognition for my chatterbot.

Thank you very much


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I would like to collaborate to make a speech recognition system for Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese.
How can I help you?

I have a speech recognition running in Brazilian Portuguese already.
You can contact me privately trhough:



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I am going to answer in this forum since it is can be searchable in the future.
Also I speak Portuguese, but English is an universal language and other can read in the future.
The correct is “speech recognition” - reconhecimento de fala. in Portuguese, and not “voice recognition”-
reconhecimento de voz, since “voice” is something that is for a single person and speech is generic for
all people. Voice recognition is to identify a person using his/her voice. In other words “voice recognition”
is “speaker identification or speaker recognition or speaker verification”.

I don’t understand about chatbots and how to make one, I will need more information about this. Need to play more around to have a better feeling of the technology and how to make changes. Your bot feels strange. I asked some questions and she didn’t answer any correctly. Are you implementing the technology?
Some answer appear to be in English.
Also I couldn’t install plugin.

Yesterday, after I read your email, I played around and found some interesting site about AIML. Can you point me more information about this?

About speech recognition, I will need to understand better what you need and how to integrate this application with speech recognition. The Google Voice API only works with English and sometimes I feel that is not very good recognition since it don’t make any type of normalization or speaker adaptation that define will improve recognition results. The recognition is not working in a cloud environment and for your application it is necessary.

Please point me out more links for chatbots for I help you.

Luis Uebel
ASR Labs


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@Luis/ Botmaster: Welcome to! I’ve deleted you e-mail addresses, you can simply use ‘E-mail xxx’ immediately under your photos (needs to be uploaded by the way!) to e-mail each other.

Look forward to Pandorabots with Speech input! That would really be cool!


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It is certainly possible. I wrote a few chatbots for an ESL site here:

They are AIML bots hosted at Pandorabots and have speech input and output. The video on the home page will show you a demonstration.

However, I do not know how they did the speech and they will maybe let you know if you email them.


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