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Sneak preview of research tab, AI Zone members only
What do you think of the research tab?
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heeeeeey all!

It’s been a little bit quite from my side… we’ve been working on the research tab.

and the good news is: we’re almost finished!!!!!!

you’ll be rewarded with an extra tab when you click on

Currently integrating the tab into the rest of the website. Official announcement will be send at the end of this week of early next week.

You’re the first to know! Curious what you think…


  [ # 1 ]

I’ve given the new tab a quick “once-over”, and so far I like what I see, Erwin! smile Far too much info to go over quickly, but certainly enough to keep me occupied for a long time! May the new Research tab bring new visitors, thoughts and insights, and may we all profit intellectually (among other ways, too raspberry) from this new endeavor.


  [ # 2 ]

An amazing job, I love it.

Only a reproach, because of this now many people are so busy looking at articles and do not provide in the forum cheese

Luckily I enter this forum before this new contribution, but someone “accuse"me of having entered this forum for this tongue rolleye


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I have always considered this forum as one of the best places to meet and discuss the subject matters at hand. Congratulations on the continued improvements, and while I’m at it, -let me mention that the subtle bird tweets I often hear when my browser is opened to this place, is a gentle and welcomed subliminal reminder of the sophistication level of this “avant-guard” forum…..

but honestly now Erwin…...“Heeeeey all”.......????!!!!! 

Where does that come from? Is there some “cowboy blood” in you as welll:ahhh:



  [ # 4 ]

Raymond, those “subtle bird tweets” drove me to distraction for over a month before I found the source. I nearly went insane trying to figure it out! The main problem was that, as a common practice, I leave one or more (often at least two) different web browsers open at all times, and often with several tabs each, as well. It never dawned on me that it was this site at all. I blamed birds outside my window, TV noise from another room, Skype, Yahoo Instant Messenger, One of my security programs, and just about every other running application or background process I had running at the time. Needles to say, when I finally narrowed it down, I went searching for the “off switch”, found and quickly activated it, thus silencing the birds, and restoring my (marginal) sanity. smile


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Dave Morton - Apr 21, 2011:

Raymond, those “subtle bird tweets” drove me to distraction for over a month before I found the source. I nearly went insane trying to figure it out! (snip) smile

No kidding Dave?.... didn’t the little bird animation on the main page give you a hint of what was going on?

Well, whatever….personally I consider that feature of the website an important feature which reminds me to follow-up on ideas I’ve been “holding back on”.
This is a bit like Microsoft’s “gesture recognition” engine, in that, - it helps us develop a more natural “meta-presence” feel to our future man/machine interactions.

Anyone who has ever used “Dragon Naturally speaking” voice recognition software will understand the frustration I have had with this “hey… are you talking to me?” ( It’s this kind of frustration I’ve had in the past with virtual agents and AGI software. Before Microsoft introduced “gesture recognition” there was a real problem with having a Virtual Agent listening-in on a conversation between two living beings. Finally we have a method to allow a VA to listen-in until we gesture for it to “act” on that last verbal command.

We are still a long way away from looking into the robot’s eyes and asking it if it understands!



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what about this:



  [ # 7 ]

“Heeeeey all”

You have to hear it in a Dutch voice, then it all makes sense LOL


  [ # 8 ]
Erwin Van Lun - Apr 21, 2011:

what about this:

Yup! That’s what I had found. I would turn it back on, for it’s a nice, soothing sound, but it’s still too soon, and I may sink further into craziness. :p

Ok, I think the thread was hijacked enough. smile I’ll stop now.


  [ # 9 ]

What’s wrong with Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey all? actually :-s ??


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