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Requesting a little help from my friends.

As some of you know, one of the projects that I’m working on (which is only very indirectly related to AI) is a new type of CAPTCHA script. I’ve received feedback from a lot of people, and much of it has helped me to improve my script a great deal. To these folks (some of them visit here, too) I offer my thanks. smile

Anyway, one of the suggestions that was made dealt with providing the script in languages other than English, but since I’m only fluent in English, this is a bit of a challenge. I know that many of you who visit here on a regular basis are polyglots, so I was wondering if I could impose upon you to help me by doing some trivial translations for me? In my testing of the script’s language support I’ve used Google Translate, but I’m sure you’re all aware that it’s not as accurate as one would expect. The languages that I’m currently supporting are English, Spanish, French and German. If you wish to contribute translations into other languages (like Dutch, or Portuguese, for example) I’m more than happy to include support for those languages, as well. Anyway, without further ado, here’s the text:

house, man, woman, cat, dog, fish, one, two, three, four, five, circle, square, triangle
How many lines do you see?
How many spots do you see?
What shape do you see?
Is this a man or a woman?
What is this object?

As you can see, there’s not very much text at all to translate. The only stipulation that I must ask is that, for the first line, the translated words remain in exactly the same order as they appear. There’s a reason for this, but it’s a lengthy explanation. smile

Any help in this matter would be most humbly accepted, and I would be truly thankful.


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Here’s the Dutch translation:

huis, man, vrouw, kat, hond, vis, een, twee, drie, vier, vijf, cirkel, vierkant, driehoek
Hoeveel lijnen ziet u?
Hoeveel stippen ziet u?
Welke vorm ziet u?
Is dit een man of een vrouw?
Welk voorwerp is dit?



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Thank you, Stefaan. I appreciate your help. smile


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Just found this article in my Google+ stream. What do you make of it?


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Thanks for the link, Andrew. I find it interesting, but I don’t think I’ll have to worry about competing with that sort of CAPTCHA for a while yet. smile

Have a look at this simple form to get a better idea of what I’m working on.


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Glad to contribute! In French:

maison, homme, femme, chat, chien, un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, cercle, carré, triangle

Combien de lignes voyez-vous ?
Combien de points voyez-vous ?
Quelle forme voyez-vous ?
Est-ce un homme ou une femme ?
Quel est cet objet ?


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Thanks, Laurent. That helps by showing me that at least my French translations are accurate. smile


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Hi Dave,
Here’s the ‘redneck’ dialect. =)

house, man, woomin, cat, houn’dog, fish, one, two, three, four, five, circle, square, triangle
How menny lines does yo’ see?
How menny spots does yo’ see?
Whut in tarnation shape does yo’ see?
Is this hyar a man o’ a woomin?
Whut in tarnation is this hyar objeck?

Courtesy of this site:



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LOL! Thanks, Chuck! You just made my day. smile


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