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chat bot for IM Messengers?
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Thank you for your tutorial. I have downloaded latest Alice aiml files and I have copied all files into aiml folder in Program E. when I run botloader that transfers aiml contents into the database, it takes too long an it never finishes properly. always it interrupt after loading 7-8 sets into the database. when I run botloader again it deletes imported templates from db and it starts again. how can I manually add all aiml patterns into the db?


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It’s been a long time since I worked with Program E, so I can’t tell you, right off the top of my head. Give me a short while to locate the zip file that I have, and look through the code. Then I should have a better answer for you.


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Thank you. smile
If you had the mysqg db of aiml it would better.


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Adding large aiml files solved. I learned how to increase timeout in botloader in program E.
SOme questions that I didn’t solve yet:

1- What is the best aiml set? I’m using annotated set from
2- how can I train my bot in program E and add my custome replies?
3- can I use UTF-8 characters for responses?
4- Is program O is better than Program E? Can Program O be used like program E in imified?
5- Is there any better PHP based bots than Program O and Program E? I didn’t like Pandorabots. (their servers is slow and they didn’t support UTF-characters when I want train it). what is Cl0ne?! is it better than Program E an O?

Sorry if I ask many questions. smile

Thank you


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Let’s see if I can provide some answers for you:

1.) The “best” AIML set for you is rather subjective. The most recent AIML sets that I know of are the sets at the Google Code Repository. They can be found at The AIML set that I use for my bot Morti are based on the Annotated ALICE AIML (AAA) set that can be found at That should give you plenty of options for choosing the best set for your purposes.

2.) Program E has no “training” interface, like Program O or Pandorabots, so the short answer is “you can’t”.

3.) I’m pretty sure that Program E isn’t designed to use UTF8 character encoding. That’s not to say that you can’t, mind you. You could always try it, and see if it “breaks” the script. I’ve never tried, to be honest, so I don’t really know one way or the other.

4.) Again, “better” is somewhat subjective here. Program O has fewer bugs, and has more features, such as a well designed Admin section where you can easily add AIML files, train your bot, alter your bot’s personality variables (e.g. Favorite (whatever)) and a host of other things. I’m part of the dev team for Program O, and I’m the primary guy that gives support over at the Program O Forums, so if you decide to use it instead of Program E, you’ll be hearing from me a lot. smile As to Program O being usable with apps like IMified, the short answer is “not out of the box, no”. However, that being said, I can probably help you find a way to make it work. Morti uses a custom interface that I wrote for Program O that uses jQuery AJAX calls that are similar to what you would need, so it is possible to do. It’s just not easy.

5.) If there are other AIML interpreters that are written in PHP, I haven’t heard of them. I’ve also never heard of Cl0ne, either, so I can’t really answer that question fully. I’m also not the world’s greatest Pandorabots fan, but for other reasons, namely because I don’t have enough control over my bot there. Maybe I’m just a control freak, but to me, Pandorabots is just too limited for my tastes. smile

Don’t worry about asking a lot of questions, all at once. Well, at least don’t worry about it if the number of questions at one time is less than twenty. raspberry


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Hi Armin, (welcome to btw grin

If you’re not a programmer, and you’d like to connect with instant messengers, who don’t you try ?


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Thank you Morton and Erwin for your complete reply :D both of you are the best supporters that I seen in forums! wink

Dave Morton - Nov 15, 2011:

2.) Program E has no “training” interface, like Program O or Pandorabots, so the short answer is “you can’t”.

Program E+Imifield is working fine with my messengers and I liked it :D She is interesting. I have installed most recent AIMLs on it. maybe I didn’t tried other bots yet to make comparison. I didn’t like pandorabot at all. I’m testing right now, that Erwin told. As I noticed, custom messages and training are stored in update.aiml, and this file loads first. right? so If I make a custom update.aiml with my own replies and then run botloader again, it should solve my problem, but I don’t have a good program to generate an modify current update.aiml for my needs. (a tools like pandorabot conversation editor but the editor should support UTF too. pndorabot editor didn’t support). ABout the encoding I think I have to set the encoding at the first line too but the editor should support it.

About integrating Program O to messengers I don’t have any idea. I don’t know from where I should start :-\ How can I install it and how can I modify API in imfied to use Program O! :|

I used chatbot4u. It can’t connect to my gmail account :( It goes offline after 2 seconds! I tried 2 gmail accounts. It’s interface was good and very simple and user friendlyy,and it has the ability to add knowlage (Train) to bot very quickly. But I couldn’t test it yet. If you have any connected gmail account to chatbot4u please tell me to try it.


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@Armin, Thanks for you reply and your BUG report our developers will dive in to it to see what is going wrong with this Gtalk connection.

I will keep you posted!


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Hello, Sjoerd, and welcome to smile

I haven’t had much opportunity to check out chatbot4u yet, but as with any “new” service that’s introduced to the community here, I’m interested in checking it out. As a “hobbyist botmaster”, I try to look into things like this whenever I can.


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Thank you for your warm welcome smile If you have any suggestions or other comments please let me know, we are doing everything to create the best service for creating bots for people without any technical knowledge.


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