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GirlFriendManager- mobile app

Yeah I was thinking that auto response could be based on Pandora make a suggested response which can be edited before it’s sent, I did find one called the girl friend helper which makes suggestions and gives instances it’s very cool this with rated user content would be cool. Imagine that you had the answer for everything the response that stopped the argument. collectively relationships through the net and sms could be much more powerful. how great would it be to have the answer for everything right there.
Cool Idea for a mobile app

What about Pandora managing your girlfriend sending hear sweet messages and helps you maintain a long distance relationship. Each message can be edited before sending but you will prompted to send messages and reply. Messages templates will be supplied by Pandora these responses can be edited before being sent. Names and baby names in text will be substituted with code which you are able to personalize. Organise list of these and one will be randomly choosen to substitute code. These codes or names used with be replaced when string is shared with community. Messages sent through the app are then shared and rated by community. Chat strings can be uploaded from dating sites as another way for the robot to learn responses.

What about an app that uses Pandora to chat up girls and can organise a date. Just get her number and let Pandora turn your leads into dates.

with the help of other users this bot could learn quickly he rated by community and have content added by community.


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Would be Great to hear what people think of the idea and if it could work I’m sure similar projects have been done in the past with community generated content, morally disagree with a robot the adds in communication?


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Hey there, Guy! Welcome to smile

Just as a sort of “heads up”, most of the members of this community tend to use our real names, as a way of providing a bit of accountability, and because we’re a fairly “close knit” community. we don’t require that you use your real name, but it’s suggested. Along the same vein, a photo of yourself as an avatar would also be a good idea. Up to you, though. It’s just a suggestion.

As to your ideas, something like that isn’t anything I would use, but I’m sure a market could be found for it. It’s certainly something original to my experiences. smile


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Certainly some original ideas there, I’m like Dave though, it’s just not my outlook on life.  I’m a bunch of flowers in the hand and my heart on my sleeve sorta person.

“What about an app that uses Pandora to chat up girls and can organise a date.”

Come on now, surely chatting up a girl and getting a date is one of the best parts, why have a machine do it ?  smile


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Actually for me that’s the hardest part. Women frighten me. cheese


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I think I’ve got to agree with roger that it’s the best part chatting up the girl
But it’s hard to be good, you want to be great and you’ve gotta learn.
You will become better because your’ve got a loaded response there and a reminder to send. I expect most times you would edit the message before you send it. That response will be saved and will be rated by the community.
So your given a response you type your response this wouldn’t separate you from the chatting up you are apart of it, but you would with help from the chat bot is you wing man.

I think what I’m more interested in is a robot that helps you maintain long distance relationships, we understand that you love the women and that it’s hard to maintain the relationship. If you were given a reminder with an example of what to say, I think you would say something to her even if it’s not long distance you love you wife or girlfriend. You want to say nice things to her and it’s simply you don’t remember to send her a text at lunch time, little things like that make her feel special that what’s important and helps you get laid at night.

Names with be filtered out of text and replaced with code. This means that content of each message is less personal.

and when you are given auto response the names that replace the code will be taken from the list you have loaded eg baby, honey, sarah, sugar cakes,
So if you gf doesn’t like baby name she doesn’t get called them or jane or anything that she wouldn’t want to be called like the name of someone else’s girlfriends. When you type “sarah” it’ll be replaced with code. Once you send your sent message can be rated by community. 

Idea If you don’t contribute content you may be kicked if you get bad ratings you may be kicked from service.

It’s chating remember not love letters.


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Isaac, I remember hearing about a similar service, but this one was intended to “fake” having a boyfriend or girlfriend. You set the day, and then throughout the evening you’d get up to three texts (autogenerated) from a supposed boyfriend/girlfriend.  I guess to convince your friends you’re seeing someone.

Something in this direction might be more immediately fruitful than what you suggested (the service I heard of has very limited texting options and is only available in the UK, so there’s room to get in there yourself and improve things). The reason I say so is that I’m skeptical that pandorabots are at the level necessary to successfully navigate a new relationship. smile

However, if the whole point is simply to send sweet nothings, who knows? It might just work well. (Whatever that may say about how people flirt..!)


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Dave Morton - Jun 16, 2012:

Actually for me that’s the hardest part. Women frighten me. cheese

And you should be Dave with good reason. tongue wink


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gulp And here I thought you loved me. raspberry cheese


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I do Dave, that’s why the warning. wink


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