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Get Well Soon Dave

Hi everyone,

I just received this email from Dave Morton’s mother and thought I’d better post a copy of it here. Thought you’d all like to know.


This is Dave’s mother.  Dave was in a high speed motorcycle accident 7/9/12.  We are praising the Lord daily for His mercies and miracles.  Dave is in trauma Med/surg unit at Mercy San Juan Hospital in Carmichael, CA.  He is slowly healing and probably will be able to come home soon.  He has factures in all four limbs is going to need lots of therapies and tender loving care.  He obtained no head injuries, but has multiple internal injuries, but doing good.  You may send him cards to David Morton c/o Nancy Morton, po box 3834, Carson City, NV 89702.  He doesn’t have access to computer at this time, but soon should be able to use laptop and read emails.


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Yep, I also just got it. Not good at all.

I hope you can read this very soon Dave…
Here’s to a speedy and full recovery!


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Imagine having no access to a computer while trying to recover!  Good luck, Dave.


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Same here. I’ve wondered why I haven’t heard from him on a few other AI based forums that we both frequent.

Bad news about the accident…Good News about the recovery!!! (I’ll bet Morti misses him!!)

All the best to you Dave!!!


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Yes I received the email too. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Dave.


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Publishing a P.O. Box address on the web, which was sent privately by email, may get it inundated with spam mail which may cost an additional fee at the post office, if it is a small Post Office Box that gets overwhelmed daily with spam envelopes and flyers, etc, once it gets picked up by a spambot and sold to a spam mailing list.

Those who prefer to respect privacy may post their support here to the original SAVE DAVE thread which this one apparently hijacked.


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Rest up, get well, best wishes for a quick recovery. You are in our thoughts.


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Get well soon, Dave! All of us, both real and virtual, are thinking of you.


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Thanks for posting this, Andrew. I received this email as well, but hadn’t checked that email address for a while until I saw your post. What an unfortunate end to such a fun vacation idea.

If anyone can make the most of their situation and have the right attitude for a speedy recovery, it’s Dave. He’s certainly got a team of cheerleaders behind him. You can do this, Dave! Stay strong!

I’ll send a card as soon as I’m able (and I hope everyone else does too).


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Get well soon Dave,
You are needed here! Thinking for myself is hard smile


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OMG, just back from holiday, checking my e-mails and reading this…

I’ll send all my love to Dave. May you recover soon dear Dave ...

Obviously I’ll send a post card as well to his address….


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Bruce Wilcox - Jul 29, 2012:

Imagine having no access to a computer while trying to recover!  Good luck, Dave.

Actually, the hard part isn’t the lack of internet, it’s having internet, but no way to type!

{fingle singer typing - please forgive}

hello, everyone. i’m recovering nicely, but progress is understandably slow. i miss you all, and i’m working as hard as i can to get back to “business as usual”, but i know it will take some time. i’ll keep you posted about progress and milestones. smile


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Dear Dave, please recover well.

And if you are in need of a qualified caregiver, just call. wink


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Welcome back Dave! Nice to see your text again!


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Nice to see you dave hope your feeling well….


  [ # 15 ]
Dave Morton - Aug 4, 2012:

Actually, the hard part isn’t the lack of internet, it’s having internet, but no way to type!

Time for someone to pop to the store and get a microphone for speech input! tongue rolleye


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