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Aici a chatbot

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Aici Aici is an experimental chatbot, based on the principles of resonating neural networks. It's main purpose in life is to demonstrate the AI capabilities that can achieved using this type of neural networks.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Lena Lena is the support Virtual Agent of Kaspersky Antivirus german website. Since the 5th of July 2010, Lena provides help to the website users by understanding their needs and assist them browsing the Support pages. She can also push informations that fits the user profile. Lena is fully integrated to an analytics tool and a engine that makes the agent learning fast, resulting accurate matching with the user expectation.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Harumi Harumi is a programmable chatbot working in pair with open office, ready to use in french. It is available for the public since summer 2010. You have to edit some part of its memory in order to use it in english or any other language. It was programmed in Delphi and is able to learn from the user.

Harumi brain is very light at the beginning, almost empty in fact. When you write a sentence, Harumi ask you what you mean. The second sentence is then linked to the first one, except if the second sentence reminds her something else, in which case Harumi will link the first sentence to it. With time, this simple algorithm produces good results. Harumi will tend to have your personnality.

Nevertheless, Harumi was not only built as a chat experiment for turing test. From the beginning of the development, Harumi is a usefull program :
You can ask her for your appointments, phone numbers, adress, internet url, files repertory.... all of those informations are stocked in its mind, a file called memory.ods
You can ask her to translate words from english to french, or to seach for a file on a drive. It is possible for her to remind you things you have to do, or to record your feelings and randomly remind you sentences linked to your bad or good mood.
She's able to execute a program, to give you your ip and emac adress or to calculate an operation. As you can see, many windows functions can be replaced by Harumi.

A dialog simulation is written on my site in order to know how to use Harumi.

Thanks to help me upgrade Harumi and to send me feedback. You are free to use and edit Harumi as soon as you don't sell it.

Funtik a chatbot representing

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Funtik Funtik is an extremely talkative warthog, who lives on and entertains its visitors.

Ana a chatbot / virtual human representing Tremo

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Ana Picturesque Galician „Tremo" company

We show Polish Bot AnA in our historical column which was written and translated in the 90s last century. It is a mascot of the company as well as its living advertising. The bot has got extensive knowledge about the firm it works for and about fine arts. It can simulate a living man. Ana bot is still being developed and taught, it has got a unique possibility of searching, referring to its knowledge.

The project is the beginning of a certain technical idea of the same author, developed simultaneously, (currently by courtesy of the firm, prepared for the larger public), completely a varied approach from accessible to this time in AIML language, which the aim is to create an autonomous, associating, thinking brain only for maintenance based on the neuronal network.

We invite warmly to a talk and the support for the project.
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