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Virtual agents / Chatbots
in United Kingdom

List of all chatbots (virtual assistants, chat bot, conversational agents, virtual agents) in the World - Government - United Kingdom - Governmental services, elections, military service, taxes, pensions, etc.

Expired Harriet a chatbot / virtual assistant representing Harrow Council

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Harriet Harrow Council's Virtual Assistant, Ask Harriet, is located on the council website to answer enquiries specifically about Housing and Council Tax benefits. This V-Person™ template design is very user-friendly and allows visitors to enter their question in the free text box or chose from a list of clickable FAQs.

Expired Shak a chatbot / virtual assistant representing Milton Keynes Council

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Shak Milton Keynes Council have given their V-Person™ systems, Ask Shak and Ask Jo, another upgrade by intergrating Google search functionality. When a user asks a question or enters a keyword, Shak and Jo search both the V-Person knowledgebase and the Milton Keynes Council website for matches. Results of the site search are displayed in the 'Search Results' tab at the bottom of the template and, when no matches are found in the virtual assistant knowledgebase, in a page loaded in the background. This integration means that visitors to the Council's website are now able to find the answers to all their queries with the ease of one user friendly interface.

Talktofrank a chatbot representing TalkToFrank

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Talktofrank The Talk to FRANK Bot is a fully automated Windows Live Agent designed to give young people information on drugs from content supplied by FRANK, the national drug information and advice service. Information.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent My Little Tony If you ever had any questions for British Prime Minister Tony Blair, now's your chance.
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