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chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Wirtualny Szkoleniowiec BHP Virtual Industrial Safety Trainer is an e-learning tool that leads industrial safety, fire protection and first aid trainings. This chatbot teaches, helps the users, comments, explains the presentation's content and conducts final exams. The entire process - from purchasing to receiving the course certificate is automated. In addition, supplementary documents are available for download during the training. With a Virtual Industrial Safety Trainer, the pace and scope of the course are tailored to the individual needs of each participant. Training can take place anywhere, anytime, in whole or may be divided into parts. Presentations include about 1500 pages and the same number of VIST utterances. It also has a sufficient general knowledge, is using TTS technology and speech synthesis.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Lena Lena is an English-speaking Virtual Avatar working for the Poland Development Center of Luxoft - a global IT outsourcing leader. As the Krakow Center promotes its recruitment action, the chatbot runs an information office of the Luxoft Poland page on Facebook. Lena is responsible for bringing the company and management profile closer to the potential employees, as well as for encouraging them to apply for a job. She also supports the recruitment process by opening web sites with applications for specific posts. Lena has some unique abilities - she receives subscriptions to a Luxoft newsletter, encourages the users to 'Like' the company's profile, sends e-mails, runs quizzes and surveys. During a conversation, Lena displays corresponding images on a screen fixed at her desk. Her impressive general knowledge scope combined with a visually attractive form of presentation, makes it a professional tool to support the Luxoft marketing and recruitment strategy. A rapidly increasing number of her fans proves it all.

Expired Agata a chatbot / virtual assistant representing FEST (

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Agata Agata is a Virtual Assistant of Fest - high-quality bed and mattress merchant. The chatterbot promotes products and keeps the online store users informed on all the essential issues - from terms and conditions to the most detailed characteristics of each mattress type. Agata understands the typed in questions and answers them using speech synthesis. Her main task is to distribute the brand knowledge, raise the brand awareness among Internet users and assist the customers with product choice in accordance with their needs. This chat bot is able to suggest the most suitable product to the client after asking a couple of simple questions. Agata also features a Quiz dedicated to the site's visitors. Since October, Fest's Virtual Assistant has also become the main brand's communication medium on Facebook.

Expired Kasia a chatbot / virtual assistant representing Win Mar Komputery

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Kasia Kasia is a Virtual Specialist of Win Mar Komputery - company that sells computers and accesories. She was launched in September 2010 as a support for company's webshop clients. Kasia can answer the questions (about company and procedures) and inform about latest promotions. In case of more complicates questions, she opens new tabs with solutions in user's internet browser. Kasia is also responsible for entertainment - especially contests and quizes for clients. Due to applause, generated by her work, Kasia is also working on Win Mar's Fanpage on Facebook, trying to gain more fans for her company.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Kasia Kasia is working as a Virtual Advisor of Nowy Adres S.A. - supplier of professional business tools for the real estate market. She is a "brand face" of the Virtual Real Estate Fair organized by the company. She supports the website visitors with navigation and offer search. Kasia was launched in August 2010. She has sufficient knowledge about the company, upcoming trade fairs, general information about exhibitors and procedures. Kasia is using TTS Technology and speech synthesis modules, she can also open websites corresponding with answers to the questions asked by her interlocutors. During a few months of work, Kasia gained many positive reviews, both from clients and exhibitors whose offers she promoted. Kasia's operation is possible constantly on the basis of chat logs analysis – information gathered from the reports is exceptionally valuable for the Real Estate Fair organisators. This chatbot operates only during the fair.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Daria Daria is a Virtual Specialist of Mebl-Art – a producer of high-quality furniture. She is the first chatbot launched by Daria went live at the end of Februrary 2010 with the object of assisting the webstore visitors. She has sufficient knowledge about the company, is able to answer all the FAQs, can guide the web users, inform them about the company's offer, all the products, procedures, terms and conditions and much more. She features TTS and speech synthesis modules, opens webpages and displays links fitted to the conversation's context thanks to well-developed matching skills. Her advanced reports and stats sending skills immediately resulted in noticeable business benefits and as the organisation's customers expressed it: "She made the organization more reliable".
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