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New Mind Project

New Mind project

the NMP team is dedicated on creating a software that will enable computer to talk, hold a conversation like a human and see the world like a human.

Follow our journey here.


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Hello, Tnec Priv, and welcome to! smile

I’ve gone ahead and turned the address you posted into a link (after checking it out myself first), to make it easier for everyone else to navigate to your page.

I also noticed that the page itself doesn’t do much right now. I tried to chat, but got no response. I’m not sure why that is, but you may wish to look into it. smile


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Welcome, Tnec! smile

Your website doesn’t have any information about your project. Can you describe it more fully here? Like Dave, I also couldn’t get a response when I submitted a query.


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I couldn’t find any information or get a response either but I did get a nice advert for Viennese chocolate cake grin

Welcome to the site.


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