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Program O and Wikipedia

I am James and I am new to this forum. I am using program o and wondering is there any way that I can use wikipedia for my chat bot knowledge base?


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Hi, James, and welcome to! smile

At this time, there is no functionality that ties a Program O chatbot to Wikipedia, but it’s certainly possible to do so (if you’re using version 2, that is), if one has the skill/experience level and the time to write an addon to provide that sort of functionality. Personally, I think it would make for an interesting project. smile


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Hi James,

my virtual assistant uses Wikipedia as kb: - when you enter a search term it tries to find a definition for it using Wikipedia: e.g. (see:

You can find more information about it in this thread:

However, I don’t use Program O for it



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Thanks Dave and askDavid for your reply.



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James, you might want to look at University of Waikato WikipediaMiner.  (Note, Waikato also does the popular Java machine learning package “WEKA”.)  I know that there are many sub-sets and corpora of Wikipedia available in a variety of formats.  I believe Paul Allen’s “Digital Aristotle” has even based their knowledgebase on the humanly editable “wiki” format.


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Hi James,
We have used the wiki format and have tied into as one KB. We ended up using a module that was designed inhouse to mine any webpage and it seems to work OK.  David your page is very impressive in its cleanliness of design and its functionality. If I may ask, how did you mine the text only portion of the WIKI? I kept thinking that there had to be a simpler way when I dug through the Wiki API (no tags or other HTML) but I couldnt find it!
Kudos to David and good luck to you James.

Vincent Gilbert


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Thanks to everybody who responded to my query. Is there any other open source chatbot implementation that has the functionality to tie wikipedia as its knowledge base?



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I doubt anyone has this “built-in”. The issue is that Wikipedia contains a lot of text, but it’s not structured, so it can’t be converted easily into a knowledge base.  DBPedia and Yago2 are examples of databases which were partly built using information from Wikipedia.  Tying those into a KB would be more straightforward. Can you give an example of the behaviour you would like to achieve?


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here’s the API I use on


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Thanks ask David, I will check the API you used for your Indeed I am looking for a chatbot question answer functionality OliverL. Instead of hand crafting the knowledge base for the chatbot, I want to use wikipedia as a knowledge base for the chatbot where the chatbot will look for the answers. Once it finds the answer from wikipedia then it saves that answer in the local database for future use. Currently I am using program o with customized aiml file sets.



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you could also hook up to our knowledge API:


{note: URL links re-formatted to provide correct locations. smile }


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Karsten, do you offer customizable versions of your API?  I mean the base API plus additional custom knowledge?


I recently sent the same question to Existor (above), but have gotten no response from them….


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