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What are all the types of chat bots?

It seems that most people here are using and talking about AIML. I’ve also seen something called ChatScript and also RiveScript. What else is out there?


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Here’s a few hosts that offer differing types of bots.


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Also check out:


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Well, i thought that chatbots are innovation in the world of technology)) and you’re here from 2012) - They said that the increasing popularity of chatbot messengers made people talk that now apps are doomed.  Now i see that if you’re here from 2012.. and now is 2017..chatbots will never never outstrip apps


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Jan and me have been playing with bots for a lot longer than that. I started our AI forum including chatbots back in 2005.

Chatbots have been around for years. Don’t believe all you read in the media - they just like to over do the whole thing and are often misinformed or make things up just to have a good story.

Apps and bots can be complimentary.

Really though, they are all just programs.


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Hello i need help with my chatbot , i want to call my formflow in .net bot framework c#, but i can’t do it.

could you please help me


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