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Fiona Platform

I’ve just received a mail about it, so I have not yet looked at this platform in details, but at first sight it looks interesting .


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I have aggregated some info about it on my website at “FIONA (Framework for Interactive-services Over Natural-conversational Agents)”.  My understanding is that the avatars created are not yet remotely deployable.  Apparently, they are still looking for people to make “spark” modules for them.


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Thank you Marcus for your quick answer!

It’s still in beta testing phase, so I suppose you are right. I will post some more comments here if I get more info.


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As you said we are still in beta phase and we are looking for people that is already into chatbots and wants to add their chatbots functionalities to Fiona. You can take a look at this post:

We are giving personalized support for users working to add their work to Fiona. You can add it for free or charging for it.

If you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them.  wink


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