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AIML Topic numbers? 

I have a question about AIML that I can’t seem to find the answer to.

I would like to get the second to most resent topic back to be passed again but I can only seem to get the actual resent topic using this

<get name="topic"/> 

Does anyone know if there is a way of doing it?

Obviously this is wrong but something like it that works

<get name="topic2"/> 

Thank you.



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In order to be able to do that, you need to have a way to “push” and/or “pop” the topic into a “stack”. There are AIML categories to do this, but I can’t recall off the top of my head where they are. I’ll poke around as time permits, and report back with my findings.


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That makes sense to me putting them in a stack, OK I should be able to work something out, you pushed me in the right direction Dave. hmmm

If you do find something though please do post it then I can compare my version with a real one grin



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Here you go:


  [ # 4 ]

Thanks, Steve. That’s just the file I was referring to. smile


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Thanks from me too Steve, I do already have a stack file running on Legion although they do seem to differ in versions.

I now need to work out how to implement it into the function of Legion that I’m working on, which if I’m honest I haven’t yet, although to be fair I haven’t really had any time to look into it.

I am a little closer now smile


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