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RICH Type VI Logic multiple choice module

This is kind of fun. This was in the chatlog yesterday

User: What statement applies to the horizontal rows or periods in the periodic table? A. The properties are all the same. B. The elements have the same number of electrons. C. The properties change going across each row. D. The elements in each row combine easily.

Which I thought was JUST a bit ambitious LOL
Then I gave it some thought and cranked this out.

What’s your name: hi
Vince: Hey
What’s your name: Who is Richard Nixon? A. President B. Queen of England
Vince: Is that a multiple choice question?
What’s your name: Yes
Vince: A. president
What’s your name: Thank you
Vince: Sorry, I didn’t understand whether you meant I was correct or not. Let’s move on

Should be fairly accurate with most interrogatories that start with “What is, Who is, Where is, Why is, or variations on those. Possible answers SHOULD be able to be of any length.

Should take any number of possible answers as long as they are lettered A. B. C. and so on

I wanted to get this up quickly so I could mess with it, but now that it is Im going to improve the fuzzy logic so that it will take more esoterically formed questions like the one that one that got me started on it. Ive tested the basics only, so I dont know where it will barf yet,but it should be fun.

If you answer negatively to “Is that a multiple choice question?” it will just pass the statement on and treat it as if it were any other sentence.

In the example above I said “Thank you” when the AI was expecting some form of confirmation such as corrrect, incorrect, yes no. It should have something like this

Vince: A. president
What’s your name: Correct

Anyway, its in the embryonic stage, but it appears to be working in most basic situations so as usual have fun seeing where it croaks grin




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Vincent Gilbert - Jan 18, 2013:

Ive tested the basics only, so I dont know where it will barf yet,but it should be fun.

Um… barf? Is that a technical term? cheese

Seriously, though, I like the premise here. Well done, Vince!


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Thanks Dave

verb, noun, computer science.
Pertaining to unpredictable or anomalous behavour exhibited by a computer program.
Usually associated with varying degrees of embarrassment and accompanied by raucous guffaws.

Usage:  “Of course it performed perfectly until I put it online where it promptly barfed.”



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lol, I guess I deserved that, for being a little too tongue in cheek. smile Thanks for the explanation, though.


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LOL back at you Dave! Without digressing too much on the “ dime”, the term goes back to a time when I was working as a developer for a company that put all of its developers in one big room. This was way before Mark Zuckerberg had rekindled the idea that the appearance social ineptitude could = unfathomable wealth, so these guys didnt get out too much. More like the type of environment where you could find two guys arguing for hours over who was hotter, Tasha Yar or Seven of Nine. wink Anyway, what they did do was write code nearly 24 hours a day and attempt to outdo one another. Failures were dealt with swiftly and unmercifully, and it was one of these ritualized stigmatizations that led the poor “victim de jour” to remark morosely “Its like throwing up in public” To make a long story short (too late) thats how it made its way into the lexicon. (Feel free to delete of this is too of topic)



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The admin in me wants to take you to task for wandering off topic, but the socially inept part of me that still doesn’t get out much wants to yell, “Seven of Nine, hands down!”.

It seems that my “Geek side” wins. cheese

You see, I was one of those guys (was?), but without the benefit of having a cool programming job, so I’m quite familiar with the term. I was just being my whimsically sarcastic self, I’m afraid. But now that I’ve got that off my chest, I have to let the admin out, so let’s get back to talking about RICH, whall we? smile


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