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Ever heard of NAO?

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My adult son has two jobs, one of which is to travel the country demonstating science projects to teachers at conferences and expos.  They’re usually simple projects like assembeling a small steam engine or (the most popular one) “How to make wine.”

The company he works for simply hands him a box and he’s told to go home, read the instructions, and prepair a demonstration.  This morning I received an email from him saying, “I now have a very expensive friend.”  Have a look.  He’s home right now working on it.  Nice job.  Lucky kid.


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VERY lucky person, there. smile NAO seems to be able to walk better than I can, and if ~I~ fall down, I can’t get back up on my own, so I’m very impressed. cheese


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Dave Morton - Jan 25, 2013:

NAO seems to be able to walk better than I can

Yes, Dave, but NAO will never be able to ride a motorcycle or moderate a forum. grin



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Well, most likely, I won’t be able to do the first part of that ever again, either. cheese

But point taken. smile


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