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Talk-Bot - Needed Upgrade

Talk-Bot has undergone an extensive upgrade since the Chatbot Battles contest. I have taken the hundreds of questions Steve asked during the course of the contest and have tried to give precise answers to them. Of course I didn’t take the questions verbatim but set Talk-Bot up in a way that he could answer them as well as variations there of.

One problem is Talk-Bot has been online since 1998 and a lot of the code I wrote back then is old and outdated. I’ve condensed and rewrote a lot of it so hopefully he will be much leaner and meaner.  smile

I won’t be uploading the new files until the start of the International Chatbot Contest (ICC) as I’m still working on them but I’m looking forward to see how well he does in that contest.


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It’s nice to see Talk-Bot get some well deserved attention, Wendell. Just don’t let Morti learn of it. He tends to get a bit jealous, and I’ve more pressing concerns at the moment. downer


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glad to hear Talk-Bot is getting upgraded, Good luck in the ICC. 2x [thumbs up]

@Dave Trinity read this post for me so she already heard the news. She is jealous, that I have not had time to do any work on her at all lately.


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Glad the transcripts and questions were of use. I think the questions I devised are of a standard that chatbots should be able to give a reasonable answer to them. No trick questions or obscure general knowledge.

This is one of the reasons that posting the transcripts in competitions is so important. As well as showing the entrants how their bots fared, they are also useful for people to fine tune and improve their bots. Perhaps other contest organisers may want to take note?

Good luck in the ICC Wendell.


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