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Choosing language to develop chat bot

Please help me out with start to develop chat bot
i am flexible with PHP coding and can learn and develop chat bot in PHP along with database in MySQL….

Also i am working with program O but it is not getting executed.
Please help me to start with chat bot programming because it is my final year engineering project and I’ve 2 months left for development for project.


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Hello, Deep. I’m sorry that you’re having difficulty with Program O. Can you please provide the following information?

1.) Which specific version of Program O are you using? To find out, open the file /config/global_config.php in a text editor and look in the comment header at the top of the file

2.) is the chatbot in a “place” where I can interact with it directly? If it is, but you don’t want to publicly share the URL, then please use the “E-mail Dave” link under my avatar image to the left to send me the URL in privacy. I promise to keep the URL secret. If it isn’t, I can still assist, but it makes it a lot harder to do so.

3.) If your chatbot isn’t responding to anything at all, then I need to know what the following settings are:
    a.) Default Pickup Line Pattern
    b.) Error Response Message
    c.) Bot History Lines
    d.) Chat Lines To Display
    e.) Debug Output
    f.) Debug Mode

4.) Please read This Thread on the Program O support forums, and see if it helps. The thread describes the most common problems that new botmasters have with Program O in the beginning, and ways that these problems can be corrected.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if it does not, so we can look into other possible options.


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